Friday, May 24


Last Saturday was the Ogden Marathon and Half-Marathon.  I was signed up for the Marathon but due to an injury and inadequate training, Joe and I did the half while Taylor ran the full marathon.  Two weeks before the marathon, we got an e-mail from race organizers responding to predictions of record heat on race day.  The e-mail included information about dehydration and other problems caused by heat.  I was excited to run in those conditions especially since I have run this race when it was very cold, even hailing!  But as the day got closer, it was clear that this was not to be the case.  Joe, Taylor and I walked over to the expo the night before the race in sweaters and then as we were going to sleep you could hear rain beating against the windows.  I said out loud “If it’s raining in the morning, I’m bailing!”  I had run a race in the pouring rain before and it was miserable.

Morning came and we all walked out of the room with our rain gear.  Luckily, Joe brought an extra jacket and Taylor used that.  I had brought a cheap rain poncho that I wore and ended up wearing it the entire half-marathon.  The rain came and came and never ceased.  At one point, the wind joined with the rain to make it especially miserable.  My half was slow and frustrating.  My legs hurt at first and it felt like I just trudged along at a slow pace.  I was happy to be at mile 13 and then slipped into the bus excited to be on my way back to the hotel.  Little did I know that I would be on that bus for 1.5 hours before we got to the start line.  My clothes were soaked completely through, my hat and hair clumped and full of water.  Back at the hotel, the hot shower was the highlight of my day!

I am realizing now that these marathons teach me that I can endure sadness and hardships in life.  Their purpose is that through them I keep going knowing that sooner or later they will end.  I try to use that same logic when troubles arise.  Just keep pushing through to the end, I tell myself.

October- St. George- marathon # 30- last one.  My goal is to train well so that the marathon is enjoyable- possible?  I hope!


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