Saturday, December 13, 2014


Friday, December 6 was our annual Christmas Luncheon, this year at Kathy English’s beautiful home.  You can’t miss the triplets who decided on polka-dot shirts that day.  We had a good laugh as we literally arrived at Kathy’s door at the same time! Great minds think alike!

Loved this birthday morning run with my dear friends Lori, Jill, Sue O., Cokie, and Kathy E.. It has been unseasonably warm and so we ran through Holladay, heading down Cottonwood Lane and through the lanes.  We saw enormous homes being built and wondered about that kind of money. It really doesn’t mean happiness- we found this out as an angry woman drove very close to us as she left her home and lane.  It just goes to show you how ornery people can be even if all their basic needs and then some are met.  I am feeling incredible grateful for my many blessings including such great friends that are examples to me and have such influence on my life.  We finished our run and then headed to Sharon’s Restaurant for good egg-white omelets!


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