Sunday, November 24

I haven’t been running as much since the St. George Marathon on October 5 but in an effort to lose some pounds and especially a few inches from my waist, menopause fat (yuck!), I signed up with a personal trainer, Tyler.  Best part about it is that Joe, Nate and I go together.  I love weight training and all his tips about weight loss and eating.  The first thing he did was get Joe off Diet Coke.  And Joe is amazing, he is so disciplined.  Tyler told us that DC is the drug of the people in our town and it’s true.  I would drink it occasionally but now have gone about 5-6 weeks without any carbonated drink.  I am drinking mostly water, which I have come to love again!  So far, I have lost about 3-4 lbs. and in measurement inches off my stomach, waist, breast, and arms.  It feels good to be a bit slimmer and my clothes fit better but most of all I love that I am getting more buff, my arms feel really tight.  Also, for me, going in the right direction is paramount!  I love feeling like I am succeeding!  I don’t know if I will be posting a before and after picture quite yet, but I can see that in the future!


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