August 2013

Read 24 books, learn Christmas songs on piano so we can all sit around and sing- Mark Alexander- my inspiration for this goal, take family trip to Guatemala- see Taylor’s mission sites and Mayan ruins- Tikal, take Maggie and Kate to Disneyland and ride on a ferris wheel, run last Marathon- St. George- October 2013 # 30, be passionate about the things I’m involved with- Young Women’s & Tennis & Tutoring, teaching Service Learning at Skyline, secure Anthony a scholarship to Rowland Hall, start a non-profit that offers scholarships to low-income students who are very motivate, get Taylor married and vacation in New Port, become a mountain biker to be reckoned with, remodel kitchen- never see formica again, welcome darling baby boy into this world through Nate and Mary in July, grow hair below my shoulders, be super healthy and cancer free for the rest of my life, have fun playing and competing in tennis, enjoy the great outdoors like nothing else, make a difference for others and never jump to conclusions and always, always acknowledge God’s hand in everything, take fear out of your life and put faith in its place, learn to play the camp YW songs on the guitar!



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