Friday, September 13

Last Saturday, Sue O., Cokie and I met @ 5:10, got driven by Joe to the top of Emigration Canyon before the turn to Little Mountain and started our 18 miler down the canyon.  What a treat to be able to run slightly downhill at the beginning of a long run and get a few miles under our feet before the sun came up and too much time had elapsed.  I felt so good on Saturday morning.  I had enough energy throughout the run that it was quite pleasant and believe me when I say that I have had my share of really hard runs.  I ordered a size up in my running shoes and so I think that is helping with foot pain and through experience I also know that when the foot pain becomes too much that I stop, take off my shoe, massage my toes and then keep going.  It also helps that we are taking walking breaks- walking is so much easier on my foot than the pounding of running.  It takes a lot of city to run 18 miles so we came out of the canyon, down by Hogel Zoo to 1900 E. along to Sugarhouse Park and around it, back up to 2000 E. and then into Holladay winding along Wander Lane and ending at the Rite-Aid.

Tomorrow, Cokie and I will attempt a 20 miler, all the while praying for the rainy weather to break during our run.  This will be our longest run until the St. George Marathon on October 5.

Joanie and Cokie right by Hogel Zoo.  We were treated to an amazing sunrise behind us, you just can’t see it in this picture!



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