Monday, September 9

IMG_1614Hiking on the Pipeline Trail in Millcreek Canyon in honor of our sister’s passing.  Lynne died 2 years ago today.

It was so great hiking with my sisters, Jen and Erin today in Millcreek.  We hiked in honor of Lynne and it felt great to be outside in this incredible wilderness, a place where Lynne loved to go too, walking, talking and enjoying each other’s company.  I loved catching up with my sisters and realized that I should be doing this at least on a weekly basis because there is so much going on in each of their lives and I want to be a part of that.  It was a beautiful day- the sun slanting in at an angle, shining on the leaves, some of them already dry and brown.  It has been so dry this year, some of the hottest temperatures recorded for Utah, that the wear and tear on the trees is evident. However, with that said, I am hopeful that they’ll be some really incredible colors this year.

Later that day, Carol Skeen and I went to visit beautiful Maggie Coleman.  Maggie is 3 years old and has a condition called SMA where her body doesn’t produce a protein that makes her muscles work.  Carol wanted to take her a bear she had made and then she also had a bag for Maggie’s Mom, Lindsey. Carol brought this beautiful bear and bag, her work so perfectly handmade with love, and gave it to them.  And this sweet Maggie is such an incredible spirit, so loved by her family.  I sat behind her family at church on Sunday and watched as her Mom and Dad took such loving care of her.  I felt so lucky to be there at that time to witness this.  I know that I have no idea how difficult their lives must be in caring for this child who they know will never run or even be able to speak to tell them how she is feeling.  They know that Maggie’s life will be cut short because of this genetic mutation.  I couldn’t control my tears as I saw her Dad, use a tube and machine and quickly remove liquid from her lungs.  They are remarkable people and it made me so grateful to be in their presence and being able to see that Maggie had come to the most loving home.  The following day, Maggie’s Grandma, Becky, called to say that Maggie loved the bear and spent the day just looking at it.

Experiences like this make me even more angry at people who don’t make the most of their lives and waste their precious time on this earth involved in negative behaviors, as if time isn’t the most valuable commodity we have.

Carol, Mother Goose, with Maggie



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