Wednesday, April 2

I am so happy to be inside my warm cozy home.  Today it is snowing hard and tomorrow Sue B. and I are planning to run 10 miles.  It will actually be a walk/run but who cares, 10 miles is 10 miles.  Last week, when we started our 8.5 miler long run, my legs felt a bit weak, maybe because it was my first week running three days!  But as the run went on, they felt a little stronger under me.  I am so grateful to be back running, it is so liberating to me. I also think it’s really good brain exercise.  I am also very grateful for my dear running friends.  It’s so great to spill all your anxieties and frustrations on the ground as you run and then realize all your hopes and dreams while you are out there and carry those home!


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