Thursday, March 20, 2014

IMG_2531This morning I met Sue Buehner and we went running, yes running.  My head felt fine but mostly I felt alive to be out in the early morning, 6:00 A.M. no less, and running, then walking when we grew tired, then running again.  I love how running and getting up early and pushing myself to do more than I think I can makes my spirit bolder.  This week I have also started with abdominal exercises and weights.  I am happy to be able to get this kind of exercise.  It was hard to be stationary while my brain healed but very important to me that it was healing properly.

The picture above is of John and Carol Skeen, two of my favorite people and may I point out that these people know how to live life with “class”.  I had them come to my classroom at Skyline and meet my students.  I really wanted to share them with my awesome students.  Carol is my “Service Hero” and I did a presentation about her and shared how she serves in such amazing ways and has done so all her life.  She is truly the most remarkable person I know.  She starts each day saying “This is my best day and sure enough it is.”  She brought the most amazing huge plate of cookies for my students to enjoy.  There were enough for them to take many and I suggested that they share some so they can taste them all.  Her cookies are my favorite treats but I don’t always let myself eat them because I’m afraid I would start and not stop.  They are made with the finest ingredients and with Carol’s hands and she reminds me also with her love.  The combination is incredible and makes the most delicious treats.  I love John too.  He is the sweetest man.  His eyes got watery and he choked up when he talked about how he first met Carol.  It was such a treat to have them come to Skyline.  Ann Jensen said after that she felt so happy all day after seeing them and hearing about their lives.

Here’s why Carol is so above the rest.  She lives with an eye single to bringing joy and happiness to others.  She does this through many of her talents.  She sews the most beautiful clothing, aprons, dolls, pillows and much more.  She arises every morning at 3:45 A.M. and then she goes and goes.  You will find her walking fast through the neighborhood every morning.  You would never believe that she is 82.  She truly is Mother Goose, Goosie and/or a Fairy Godmother.  That is what she is to me- Fairy Godmother.  Cinderella has nothing up on me.  I am so incredibly lucky to have her in my life.

I have been thinking all week what to take them as a thank-you and yesterday Joe sent me a text that said “You’ve been skeened”.  When I came home, I found a beautiful card wrapped in a most lovely bow with the sweetest words ever.  I fully understand that I am so indebted to them both for their love and support of me that I will never be able to repay them, but I must do my best to pass on good in their behalf.

Carol’s sacred classroom at church.  She works with 11 year old girls and has for 50 years.  She makes them beautiful gifts and goodies each week and shares her love with them.  She said that she has never met a girl she didn’t love and I believe her.



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