Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We visited the neurosurgeon today and he gave me good advice. Start slowly doing the things you love to do like playing tennis and running. I’m back on the eliptical machine which is low impact but don’t like the idea of my brain bouncing up and down while I run. Our brains have liquid that we make and then replenish each day and so that is a protection from impact.  I must say that I am extremely impressed with the resiliency of the brain and I am incredibly grateful for my surgeon.

It’s been a few weeks since the Gamma Knife Treatment and I am grateful to be feeling well.  I was worried that perhaps the brain foggyness that I was experiencing was going to last forever but it didn’t.  I pictured myself trying to navigate life with a fuzzy brain.  My brain was working so hard to process all that has taken place in these last weeks all while trying to take care of everything I need to do in a day to keep up.  Tennis & Tutoring gets better every time I go. At first, the noise really bothered me, still does a bit.  The kids are just so excited and want to tell the tutors everything going on for them.  One day, I asked the students to be quiet and one boy, who is especially boisterous, said “You’ve changed!” It’s true, I have changed and I’m glad.

Since this experience of brain surgery and all of the incredible spiritual experiences that I have had, I am left with a desire for all things good, good music, good people, good experiences.  I have also been left with hope that feels me with calmness absent of fear.  The other change that I have really noticed is an increase of boldness especially in the area of saying exactly what I think.  I’m sure I am offending people right and left but I do have a high expectation of others and I think they should live their lives to the fullest!

Tennis & Tutoring Students with Skyline Students




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