Thursday, May 22 2014


Maggie after her performance in Neverland, The Epic Adventure, age 6

It’s an wonderful time to be a Grandma when you have a little performer like Maggie.  Last week she performed in the play  Neverland the Epic Adventure as Michelle Darling (there wasn’t a Michael due to lack of boys).  She wore pajamas and held a teddy bear and we watched as she said her lines on cue and quite clear.  Memorizing comes easily for Maggie, she has always had an advanced vocabulary and loves to talk.  And I’m pretty sure she has grown a bit taller every time I see her and I see her every few days but let’s be honest, that’s never enough for me.  Today, she performed in her Kindergarten program- Western dress- and she waved her hand up high when she saw us.  She loved singing all the songs and knew all the words and looked right at us as she sang.  My boys would sing all right when they were young but I would watch the girls just belting out the tunes and now I get to enjoy that with Maggie and Kate.  I love that they taught Maggie all these great western songs like Home on the Range and Yellow Rose of Texas and then of course, Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys. She even did a partner and group dance and was pretty darn cute.

Maggie is growing so fast and in some ways it makes me sad because she always used to enter the house and then immediately run right to me and now she will come in more calmly and won’t come running over. I have told her that’s unacceptable.  She is also growing up and maturing in really great ways.  We sat and read a primer reading book and she sounded out all the words.  She also has complained a lot of stomach problems so Nate and Mary have tried to eliminate gluten from her diet.  She loves bread so the other day she said “Grandma, you make good bread so will you make me some gluten-free bread”.  I’m on a quest to find some great bread without gluten!  She’s a really good sport about the whole thing because she is so disciplined, or maybe her stomach just really hurts, because she won’t eat anything with gluten in it.  In some ways, I feel like I have been waiting my whole life to be a Grandma!

My Maggie-girl at her Kindergarten Program, 2nd row, center



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