Sunday, January 11, 2015


Sun Valley- March 2015 with our dear friends!  Skiing trip- I wasn’t able to ski this year because of brain tumor operation in January.  Joe at his happiest!  Scott and Patti Clements, Keven and Kathy Cahoon, Jim and Natalie McCullough, Mike and Linda Dunn, Joe and Joanie Daily and missing- Peter and Serida Foss.

I’m not exactly sure why but it was so hard to go back to school after a two-week break. I know, it’s hard to feel sorry for someone who gets a “vacation” from work and then has to go back! And I really do like my job and feel lucky to teach a subject I really believe in and also rub shoulders with some great students but it still is freedom to wake up in the morning knowing the day is yours. Funny, what I ended up doing the entire break is to reorganize my space. Joe and I spent some time in Ikea, which really can be quite a scary experience. We had to take a deep breath before we entered, thus reminding ourselves not to panic if we could not find our way and that did indeed happen. We found the cupboards we wanted and went downstairs to get the aisle #s so we could put them on a cart and then realized that the handles for the cupboards were back upstairs so we decided to divide and conquer. Joe would start to put the items needed on the cart and I would go back upstairs to get the handles. No biggie, right? I kept telling myself that I could find the kitchen area and eventually that happened but I must admit that I was so relieved to get back downstairs and then out of the store. The really hard part came a few hours later when we started to put the cupboards together. We had hoped that they would fit perfectly in the attended space, ha ha! I even made the mistake of saying out loud “We are going to be able to get this done really fast.” About 10 minutes later, I was regretful of that comment and eating my words. Joe would spend the next two days making the cupboards work which meant many hours cutting the boards outdoors- not an easy thing when the temperatures were in the teens and lower.

I love to organize so I was good with working on this project rather than going skiing. Also, I had surgery for a small lipo mass below my knee right before Christmas so I needed time to heal. But for Joe it was torture because he would so rather be skiing, his favorite sport. It’s a fine line because he works so hard to make the house look nice for us but he really does not want to spend his free time doing it. It definitely comes down to this balance of work and play in life and Joe needs more time playing.  We have a friend who says that there are only 52 Saturdays a year and I very much agree that they are precious! So this year, I will be making a resolution to use my Saturdays for FUN!  I think I will get a happier marriage in the deal too!

Cabinets that Joe built!  Not a great picture but they make the room look so much better and they hold so… much stuff!



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