Wednesday, October 2

It is high time that I get my blog caught up.  Since I’m back teaching exactly half-time and also doing Tennis & Tutoring, there really is barely a spare minute in my life but here’s what I like about that.  It is forcing me to use every minute so wisely, nothing wasted.  I have everything planned out, pretty much.  I have to make my lunch, and anything else I want to eat in the day, the night before and have it ready to go because the morning requires me to be on my game.  That means, outfit decided on and placed out ready to go.  If I’m washing my hair in morning, I have to give accounting for drying and styling it and on it goes.  Anything I’m taking with me goes in the car the night before.  One thing that is motivating me to keep this up is that as soon as I get some of the organizational stuff completed, my time will ease up.  It’s just getting these programs running and running well that needs tweaking right not.

Having said all that, I am loving being back at teaching and I’m amazed at how incredible my students are.  I know I have thought and said this before but so many of these students have these great qualities that I admire.  There are about 11 students who are on the leadership board of Community of Caring and they are exceptional.  They are so responsible and reliable, hard-working and they know what they want.  I know that I did not possess those skills at that age.  I find myself thinking about them a lot and feel so grateful that I get to plan service projects with them.  There is so much that I want them to learn. I’m very excited about all the new curriculum ideas that I want to present this year and the very best part is that Ann Jensen, Katie’s Mom, is an aide with C of C.  It has been so great to have her in the classroom.  I know it’s a job but teaching is such a win-win for me.  It really makes me a better person and it’s fulfilling.  So who knows how long I will be doing this?  Will I get to put in a few more years?  I sure hope so.  I just feel incredible vested in this program and happy to spend my time working with these students and embracing service.

Picture of me and some of the board members with our Eagle Eye shirts on.



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