Sunday, November 30, 2014

IMG_4467THANKSGIVING 2014:  This year we woke up early and met most of the family at the Utah Food Bank Turkey Trot.  I loved that we were exercising before the big ingest of food and that we were contributing to a really important and good cause.  Maggie had run a race just a few days earlier at her school and so she had been preparing for these two Thanksgiving races.  Mary sent us a picture of her school race and said that she had so much fun watching Maggie run because she gave it her all.  But what I really loved was that Maggie had been training for these races.  She would run a lap at recess to get ready for it.  So I pictured us running a bit and walking most of the 3.1 mile race but when the race started, Maggie was ready to run.  Kate couldn’t decide if she wanted to sit in the stroller or walk and so Mary was trying to work with her and I started to run with Maggie.  We kept thinking that Mary would catch up to us but that never happened because Maggie never stopped running. Even when we grabbed a cup of water about middle of race, she just took a sip and off she went.  She was talking and telling me that she loved running and that she had prayed that she would be able to do her best.  We kept a consistent 12 minute pace and passed most people.  I marveled at her determination.  I remember when I started running and it took me a while before I could run 30 minutes without stopping.  Even days later, I am still so impressed with her performance.  It gave us a good opportunity to talk about talents!  After the race, Maggie and I went to watch for the rest of the family to finish the race.  Before too long, Mary came running in with Kate on her back!


I love Thanksgiving, especially when it’s our year to have the family for dinner.  This was such a year.  We also had a guest, Nisarg, from Australia who we had the pleasure of sharing our dinner with.  He took one look at the table and said it looked just like Hollywood!  How funny, must have resembled the movies!  He was here on business, working on a contract with Conexus, Joe’s company.  Joe brought home the top from a conference table they had stored at work and we set it on our table and had comfortable, roomy seating for 13!  It was so fun to look around the table, see my family sitting and laughing together and enjoying everyone’s company and conversation.  We went around the table and everyone said what they were thankful for and I was touched by all of their responses: family, friends, healthy bodies, bus stops and Dad (Kate), freedom, and all the luxuries we enjoy such as education and technology (Mike), nature and the beautiful place that we live, public bathrooms (Elle) and life (Me).  Everyone stayed and we played games and now that Maggie is old enough (7) to participate we had so much fun adapting the game to her age.  I’m pretty sure that this was my favorite Thanksgiving.  When we had desire for dessert, finally, and Nisarg had left for the airport, Mary presented each family with a golden framed Miracle 2014.  She talked about how in January, when I was operated on for a brain tumor and it looked like I would not be around much longer, we all thought that we wouldn’t have another Thanksgiving or Christmas together and now it feels like a gift.  It really is the greatest gift I could have every day and every month- feeling healthy and being able to spend time with family.  Mary is so thoughtful and I couldn’t ask for more amazing and thoughtful daughter-in-laws!IMG_4542


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