Wednesday, January 23

I went to yoga class today- this cute girl, Wendy, up the street from me just finished 1,000 hours of training and has opened up classes in her home.  I loved being in her home and seeing how she decorates and getting a sense of what she is all about, pictures on the wall of her family and children, the type of furniture she chooses.  And I enjoyed being pushed by someone to stretch longer and deeper.  I used to do hot yoga about two years ago and I even though the process of going to the class, making time for it in my day, getting soaked right through- sometimes with hair dripping (meaning that I’d have to fix it all over again!) made the going more difficult, I loved what it did for my body and mind.  Yoga, with its emphasis on deep breathing, clearing the mind, living in the present, forcing air deep inside your lungs, and holding your muscles tight- all of those aspects of it can give you such a positive “buzz”.  I loved how my body felt when I was fully engaged in yoga- going at least 3 times a week.  And so today reminded me how much I love all those parts of yoga and how it makes me feel empowered to do more and be more.  On one of the mats were the words “It’s time to start living the life you’ve imagined”. And you know how I love quotes and that got me thinking about my life and whether or not it’s the life I’ve imagined.  And before I start to really understand that, I have to acknowledge that I have the dearest husband who has always tried to make my life the life I’ve imagined.

I don’t know if I’ve ever put down into words exactly the life I’ve imagined because in so many ways, my life has been better than I could imagine.  And I’m trying to think back as a child and remember what I wanted out of life.  I know that I would have wanted to serve others and be involved with all kinds of people and that has been so greatly fulfilled.  I feel so fortunate to have been part of the Service Learning program at Skyline and I currently love working with the children through Tennis & Tutoring, so that aspect of my life has been so richly fulfilled.  And I longed to have children of my own, from the time I was playing with dolls that maternal instinct was extremely strong.  I have been so richly blessed with my children and their spouses and I am so grateful for what they have taught me about myself and taught me about what God believes is possible for all of us and mostly I am glad for their wit because to laugh heartily is to live.  That they enjoy being together and share many interests benefits our family unity and I am confident that they will be a support to each other all their lives.  Taking care of your sisters and brothers is what it’s all about!  I also know that I would have wanted to find a “soul mate” which I have done so that we could work together to solve life’s problems, and the problems keep coming, so I better just be prepared to deal with them and it sure makes it easier if you have people to share adversity with.

And when I get discouraged because I would like different material things, I’m so aptly reminded of what it means to really live life and also that there are so few people who are doing it.  Most are just engaged in doing the same thing day after day, year after year, and the clock ticks on. So many never really feel satisfied, and most don’t really understand why. They never dare to go outside their comfort zone so that they can experience the truly amazing parts of life and never really appreciate what they have.  Isn’t it ironic that we live in a country that affords us so many opportunities to be better and give more and yet we pass those opportunities by? And so, let’s deny the January doldrums, A period of inactivity or a state of stagnation, and go do something incredibly amazing and brave!

Maggie, skiing with Grandpa Joe, getting outside her comfort zone!

Maggie skiing 2





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