Tuesday, November 12

IMG_1715Denver Marriott.  This was home for a few days in October/November.

Balancing the busyness of life is interesting to me.  I love to be “anxiously engaged in a good cause” and I do think it makes me prioritize what is really important.  It also makes me accomplish a lot because I am so task oriented.  I love to complete or finish tasks.  I like the feeling that my life is ordered and checking items accomplished off my list does that for me.  And then I realize that my life is not so ordered and really whose is?  Anyway, it does feel good to get things in order and so every day I try again, just like all of us, to right what doesn’t seem quite right if we’re able to.  Going back to teaching and Tennis & Tutoring has given me a lot that I like.  I love the association with students, I love it when kids try really hard.  I love honesty and courage and I see a lot of that.  I love learning and I love helping others learn.  And, I love service.  It feels amazing to be involved in making someone else’s life better.   One of the greatest aspects of being involved in the Tennis & Tutoring (TNT) program is to have Alex there leading the tennis part.  He loves volunteering and it is empowering to him to run that aspect of the program and it so helps me as I am trying to organize the tutoring piece.  But great things are happening with TNT.

Joe and I recently got back from a USTA (United States Tennis Association) Development Workshop and I learned so many amazing techniques to help teach tennis for youth and 10 and under kids.  It was so great to be in Denver with Joe.  I would attend the classes and he would work on his computer from the hotel room.  We had a lot of fun shopping, seeing shows and attending Radiolab Live, which we loved.  It was really a boost to get away for four days.  I loved it.  I love getting to know a new place and all the aspects of it.  Only problem was that I missed seeing the kiddos on Halloween.  Nate and Mary sent me pictures though!

I’m so grateful to be alive and dreaming about an awesome future rather than worrying about cancer and all it brings with it.

Joe- the Crab, Kate- Simba, Maggie- Surfer Girl



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