Friday, April 29

Quote of the Day:  “You just have to keep on breathing because tomorrow the sun will rise and who know what the tide will bring in.”   From Cast Away Movie

Exercise Log:  2.73 w/ Kathy E.  We walked around cove and met up w/ Denise Landvatter.  It was cold, snow on Mount Olympus, saw some glacier lilies that are beautiful.  Warmer days next week.  Stairmaster 2.97  (+1.22)

Thanks to Malissa R. for phone call, Candi for darling card, and hydrangea from Katie and Ann.  I love hydrangeas. I have to say a word about Katie Jensen.  Katie is Taylor’s best friend but also my good friend.  I got to coach Katie in tennis @ Skyline and then had her in Community of Caring every year.  She served on the C of C board and was amazing.  Katie checks up on me all the time which is so nice for a busy, college student.  I know I wasn’t that wise or compassionate at that age.  I so adore her!   And her family has been so… supportive of Taylor.  They are one of my incredibly bright spots of teaching and coaching tennis.

So in late December, I made this really long goal list for the new year, 2011, and so I pulled it out today and started to look over all the things I wanted to accomplish this year.  Here are some of them- they fall into categories- 1.  Increase spiritual side:  scripture study, listening to the still, small voice, honesty in all dealings, temple attendance, volunteer time, compile journals- family histories  2.  Increase mental side:  Master’s degree in nutrition, complete classic list, practice piano  3. Increase physical side:  more consistent w/ tennis, run St. George marathon- qualify for Boston, Vermont Biking trip, lose 8 lbs., weight lifting,  4. Increase emotional side:  build relationships w/ all family members including extended family, neighborhood and ward connections, increase relationships w/ friends, belief in self- stand up for self, don’t compare self w/ others, understand that possessions don’t make a person, be proud of opinons, beliefs  5. Increase temporal side:  new kitchen or move to new house, pay off debt, new car for Joe, better fashion sense.

A funny thing happened when I started to compile this list.  I thought I would look at list and realize how differently this 2011 is shaping up then I had imagined for myself in December.  But what I discovered is that many of the things I wanted to accomplish for myself could only happen through a life changing experience like I’ve had.  It’s made life so much richer in ways that really matter.  It’s also been a bridge builder to many relationship that I wanted to deepen in my life. It’s made me really look at what I thought were the most important things to accomplish and reshuffle those priorities.  What an interesting exercise in trying to understand what God has planned for me vs. what I thought would be the best for me.  Perhaps a new kitchen isn’t as important as forging a relationship w/ a forgotten loved one.  I was also amazed at some of the things that I was able to accomplish but in a slightly different ways like compiling a family history or losing weight.  The adage “Be careful what you wish for” sometimes rings true.

Taylor and Katie Jensen


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