Friday, June 14

IMG_1272Sue Oldroyd and I woke up this morning and headed up Parley’s Canyon, then on to East Canyon where we arrived at the trailhead at Big Mountain.  It was cooler this morning, around 41 degrees at the start but we soon realized it was perfect hiking temperature.  We were under this bright blue sky and the first clump of flowers we saw were Columbine, white and pristine and hearty.  These flowers inspire me.  They grow up high in this cold winter climate and then spring and summer come and they blossom on this dainty green stalk, white and fresh.  They seem to personify purity.  Sue and I hiked on passing purple Sweet Pea, clumps of Lupine- not yet with buds, lots of blooming Mule’s Ear, scattered Balsam Root and a gorgeous deep blue flower that we are yet to know the name of.  And then there is this darling little white flower tucked underneath the brush and lining the trail that Katesy would say is “Just My Size”.  But then 1.5 miles into our hike we came across the most incredible meadow of Balsam Root.  We realized quickly that we had arrived at the perfect time.  The sun was low in the eastern sky, the flowers were open catching the sun’s rays and there we stood in the middle of it.  Somehow, this takes me to another realm.  This is a bit of what I picture heaven to look like and to capture me completely.



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