Monday, April 21, 2014


Visit with Carol Skeen and German “Daughters”.  Joanie, Luesa, Carol, Sophia, Sofia

A lot has happened since I last wrote.  Our German visitor, Sofia, has arrived and has only one week left here.  In these three weeks, I have seen the trees go from budding to blossoms.  I am so anxious to get outside and clean up the earth around my flower beds but my time is so limited as there are many things I want to do before I can do the yard work.  I want to spend time showing Sofia around this area. I will finish up the Spring Tennis & Tutoring this week and must prepare for the Open House next Tuesday. Furthermore, I have many Young Women items to take care of, more family history to research on the Dailys and then a new board to elect in Community of Caring.  But mostly, I want to be outside- I stood by the fountain today and so longed to be working on it- but I have other duties first.

It has been a very reflective month as I have better tried to understand these happenings in my life.  It seems so amazing that I had emergency surgery 3 months ago, my world was literally turned upside down and then I have recovered so that I am able to do all that I was doing before the surgery.  I played tennis today, and ran 13 miles last Saturday.  What fun!  To catch you up on my tumor- last Wednesday, I had an MRI.  I was at school that day and was nervous all day long wondering if I would get to live or die.  About noon, an amazing peace came over me and I stopped worrying.  All went well and the doctor showed us the MRI from after surgery compared to this one.  The swelling had gone down and he thought it looked great.  Such incredibly great news for us!  I really have seen miracles in my life.  Mary wrote in a card these words: “I can’t get over my gratitude every day that the horrifying news of February (she meant January) has had such a good ending.  XOXO A blessing I will always try to be worthy of.”  She captured my sentiments about living life to the fullest, always being gracious for the blessings bestowed upon me and my family and never taking what might seem mundane for granted.  That’s what a life of gratitude should start with.

Sofia has been a fun addition to our home.  She turns 15 next week so really she is quite young to be traveling to a country so far away.  She is with a group of friends, 16 of them, who have seen many sights around her and much to their delight done a lot of shopping.  Our name brands can be picked up for a lot less money than in Germany.  Sofia is so willing to help with making food and doing the dishes.  She is really thoughtful and sweet.  This week we will celebrate her and Joe’s birthdays!  I have loved revisiting the German language!

We had our annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday with Maggie, Kate, Baby Joe and Frannie picking up the goods.  I am so lucky to have all my family living so close so that we can get together often!



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