Monday, July 2

Taylor’s 21st Birthday!

Quote of the Day:  “You can settle for reality, or you can go off, like a fool, and dream another dream.”  From the movie, Heartburn, screenplay by Nora Ephron.

I was so saddened to hear that Nora Ephron had passed away this week.  I love her movies and  books.  I, like a lot of other women, can so relate to the characters she gave voice to.  She really hit a chord with women, the language she put in their mouths to express themselves, the way they feel about life, experiences, growing older, men, basically all that life throws at you.  I remember in Hawaii, years ago, we all went to a movie.  My kids wanted to see an action flick and I chose to see You’ve Got Mail for the second time.  I went into the theatre alone, and loved every minute of it.  Somehow, the movie spoke to me.  I didn’t need anyone else around.  I was perfectly content to watch Kathleen Kelly deal with the drama of life.  I think that was Ephron’s gift, taking the simple hopes and aspirations that everyone has and interfacing them with these characters that we love. 

I was especially interested in Nora’s story when I heard she died from leukemia and that she had kept it hidden from everyone, I guess, except close family members.  Everyone handles illness and death differently and I respect people who don’t want others to know, it’s so personal and some people just want to go it alone.  Also, she was such a public person, that having all those people watch you die was too much.  Recently, I had finished a book by her called I Remember Nothing and Other Reflections and I was so struck by her words when at the end of the book she makes two lists called “What I Won’t Miss” and “What I Will Miss“.  Her wording seemed so final, like she knew she would be leaving soon.  And so she must have.  I thought about doing something like that in my blog but I would call it “What I Would Not Miss” and “What I Would Miss”.  

And so here it goes- seems like the perfect time to reveal my list:

What I Would Not Miss:  

tile grout that won’t come clean, unmade beds, Morning Glory, formica, stomach fat, mean people, grocery shopping, tennis ladies who think they are too good to pick up balls, anyone who hurts children, people who talk about nothing

What I Would Miss:  

Maggie and Kate arriving at my house- running to the front door, exploding through and then running while yelling for me, watching my boys come home from 2 year missions, daughter-in-laws, playing tennis on Mondays, dragonflies, Mother-Sister trips, Jonathan apples, sharing running and talks with friends, tennis trips, Lupine and Indian Paintbrush flowers, Grand Teton National Park, Snow Canyon, classical music, practicing the piano, learning, reading great books, boating on Jackson Lake with entire family, memorizing German poetry, foot massages, biking down Emigration Canyon, Joe








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