Saturday and Sunday, June 18 & 19

Quote of the Day:  “With compassion in your heart, every thought, word and deed can bring about a miracle.”  Thich Nhat Hanh

“If you want only one thing too much, it’s likely to turn out a disappointment.  The only healthy way to live, as I see it, is to learn to like all the little everyday things.”  Robert Duvall in Lonesome Dove

Exercise Log:  Sue O., Jen, Kathy E., Patti and I did the Salt Lake overlook in Millcreek Canyon.  You park at the trailhead right above the Millcreek Inn and then stay to your right and follow the trail.  It’s about 2 1/2 miles until you get to the end of the trail where there is a rock outcropping and a spectacular view of the city. There is a beautiful ground covering that is about to bloom with a small white flower.  The whole mountainside has areas that are covered in this light green covering.  We heard the sound of a bird perhaps, sounded like a warthog or frog, very unusual call.  Patti let out a scary sound at one point on the trail where we all jumped.  Jen thought that Patti has seen a bear and was reacting to it but it was Linda Dunn tapping Patti on the shoulder as she ran to join us.  I was a bit worried that my legs would have a hard time on the incline but I have to say how much I enjoyed this morning in nature with my dear friends and sister.  Milage- 4.88 (-.03)

My mom gave me a lambswool protector for the seatbelt in my car.  It’s really nice and prevents pressure on my port when I’m driving.  Erin gave me a Tab Choir CD that I’m listening to even as I write- lovely and the week wouldn’t be complete without a visit from John and Carol Skeen.  I wrote in another blog entry about the Skeens.  They are my neighbors and take incredible care of me and my family.  Carol is my # 1 hero.  I want to emulate her in every way.  She made the most darling bags for Maggie and Kate and a cute stuffed dog is sticking out of them.  Also, she made me garden gloves with this beautiful flower on top and on the package there is this delightful bear that is hand-sown with a pink vest.  Carol uses the most beautiful ribbon to tie the most amazing bows.  All of her bows I save but will only reuse them on the most incredible package because I couldn’t stand the thought of someone not appreciating the bow or throwing in away.  I couldn’t possible use the gloves in the dirt- they are too lovely but maybe to work around the house.  Right now, I’ll just leave them in the package so I can look at them.  Carol always includes a heartfelt note in with her gifts.  She gave me a card with a painting that says UNDER HIS WING with the scripture reference Psalm 36:7  “How excellent is thy loving kindness, O God!  therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings.”  There is a special place waiting for her in heaven.

I love how sweet the people that I have come in contact with that show me they care- every kind hug, glance or empathetic word directed my way.  Last night, my niece, Leslie had her wedding reception and when I went to get a drink, the girl preparing them said “Oh, you look so beautiful in your scarf!”  It was such a nice thing to say because it gave me confidence in pulling off the scarf-wearing.  I really have to stop making comments though like “Oh, well when you don’t have hair, it’s about all you can do.”  What am I in junior high still and can’t take a compliment?  Anyway, there were so many nice people who I talked to at the reception that showed such generous concern and compassion.  I heard Tom Hanks say today that he thought the world was full of about 80% of people who are good, nice, considerate and about 20% who are mean, cruel and deceitful.  So he said that he just stays away from the 20%.  Good call!  I must be surrounded by the 80% because it feels like I have 100% in my corner.  I even appreciate the lack of filter of some of the older people in my ward.  Today, the lady next to me said “You’ll be pretty again when you have hair.”  Ok, yes maybe true, hair helps the appearance but come on, I have a good 7 weeks before hair will even start growing!

Jen and I at Salt Lake Overlook

Sue, Patti and Joanie


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