Saturday, June 4 and Sunday June 5

Quote of the Day:  “Nothing on earth can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”  Thomas Jefferson

“Vision without effort is daydreaming; effort without vision is drudgery; but vision coupled with effort will obtain the prize.”  Unknown

Exercise Log:  Saturday, Joe and I walked through Oly Hills Park and then into Holladay.  It was a beautiful morning and finally felt like summer.  The way back home is about 2 miles up hill.  I was really tired when we got back home and had to lie down for a minute.  We went 5.25 miles (+.46)  Was glad that I did it.  My hips and legs start to hurt at the end of the day- I do think the exercise in the morning helps.

Sunday afternoon, our darling neighbors, The Peterson Family, whose children I’ve had the pleasure of teaching at Skyline, came by with a pint of raspberries and a card that said “Here is a gift with the taste of summer…”  Maggie was here and we washed them- they were cold and fresh and tasted so… sweet.  I am continually touched by the kindnesses of others.  I have been thinking, when I feel well enough to start planning, of the party I want to have after chemo and perhaps radiation.  I want to have a celebration!!! I want to forget that I was ever sick!  I want to invite all of the people who have made life so much easier, whose kind words have kept me going and lifted my spirit when the situation seemed too much.  I have so many to give back to, so many thanks to bestow!   I got such a darling card from Phoebe, Mary and Del Draper.  Phoebe is one of a kind, newly graduated Skyline student, tennis player, SBO and all around darling, thoughtful, kind and giving girl.

My sisters, Erin and Lynne take such a good care of me.  They are sending me things every time I have chemo.  I am so lucky to have grown up with them.

I heard something in RS today that I liked.  It was in reference to a missionary who was thinking about the talents that people possess.  He wondered about building our talents so that they might bless the lives of others.   So today, I was watching the people at church who so willingly share of their talents and it made me feel like I need to be much more generous in sharing any talents that I might possess.  There are so many who are playing the piano, teaching lessons, making handouts for Primary children- the list goes on and on.


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