Thursday, March 7

I am so impressed with my sister Lynne’s oldest son, Matt.  He and his wife, Kelsey, and baby, Paxton, came over for dinner the other night and I loved having them in my home.  It was great to hear him talk of Lynne and after he left it felt like her spirit had been here and was lingering on. He talked about where they had thrown her ashes in Hawaii and it’s a remote place that I have been.  I was so grateful that I had visited this place because I could picture the wind blowing over the rocks and sand, I could even smell the salty air coming off the ocean.  They left our house with such a peaceful feeling and I’m sure that darling baby had something to do with it.  Matt and Kelsey are visiting from Oregon and they are doing their best to visit all their relatives, both sides, on this trip. They are heading from Salt Lake to St. George and then to Arizona to visit Kelsey’s Grandma.  They amaze me because I’m not sure too many people would bother.  But, they’re unusual and they care about family.  They wanted to know how everyone is and what they’re doing.  Matt has always been mature in his thinking and character and I know Lynne is so proud of what he has accomplished in such a short time.  He loves working as a dentist and both he and Kelsey are so happy to be parents.

When they left, Joe and I remarked how people like that can have such a positive effect on others.  You appreciate that they reached out to you which makes you want to reach out to someone else.  It’s this positive chain.

Kelsey and Paxton Starley

Starley 2



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