Thursday, September 20

Quote of the Day:  “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

A few days ago, my doorbell rang and I looked through the glass side panels and couldn’t see anyone.  When I opened the door, I looked immediately down to see a big white box covered with beautiful bows.  Immediately, I recognized their author.  I can’t believe how blessed my life is because of Carol Skeen.  I’ve written about Carol before.  She is the most inspirational person I know.  She is 80 and so full of life, love and energy that unless you personally meet her, you probably couldn’t imagine all that she does.  She loves every day, she will tell you that outright.  She loves life, she loves people and her entire life is spent making people happy.  Really the beautiful bowed box was enough, because it meant she was thinking about me but inside was a hand-made Halloween apron that is colorful and lovely.  Of course, she said “no pay backs” but that’s easy because I can’t pay Carol back.  I learned that long ago.  I try to rack my brain for some kind of “thank you” to her but it never feels like enough but she wouldn’t want that.  She just keeps giving and giving.  She is so thoughtful with her letters too, always a note is included that she has taken time to compose.  And she has the sweetest husband who is totally in on all that she does.  I want to live in a world full of John and Carol Skeens.  There would be no wars or fighting.  We’d all know what it means to walk in another’s shoes.  We wouldn’t judge or complain, we’d just serve.  Carol has set the bar so high and I love her example- it makes me strive to be better in every way and to serve others.

She was so excited as she told me that she was nominated and chosen to be the Fairy Godmother for Willa’s Workshop in connection with the Huntsman Cancer Institute.  I so wish I had known so I could have seen her sitting upon her thrown dressed in white, with angel’s wings while little children dressed as fairies gathered around her.  Here is what was said about Carol for her nomination:

Carol Skeen
Carol is a gem of a lady! At 80 years old, she says that every day is the best day of her life! She wakes up every morning and bakes or sews in the morning and delivers her gifts in the afternoon. She makes the most amazing jewelry, purses, and clothing. She has become famous in our family for her handmade bags and aprons which she generously makes with the recipient in mind and adorns with her signature stuffed hearts. And she never visits us without bringing a huge plate of cookies tied up in cellophane with tons and tons of ribbons.
Carol is a real treat! And if you are looking for someone who exemplifies service and a positive attitude in the most fairy god motherly way, she’s your girl! I know she would take that title to a whole new level. She would be there with bells on…and wings, and shoes, and earrings, and glitter and a fairy wand…no kidding!

And there you have it, Carol has promised that I will get a picture of her on that day.  But here is a picture of the apron that is now beloved by me!



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  1. shelley September 26, 2012 at 2:37 am #

    Don’t you just love these angels on earth? Love to you sweet Allison!

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