Tuesday, February 18, 2014



A very happy 80th birthday to my Mom, Janet!

I have no idea why I am smiling in this picture.  This was a very difficult procedure.  There was a lady next to me waiting to have the same procedure done and she looked very ill.  I couldn’t get her out of my mind.  She had a lot of family around and I’m glad for that.  I am very grateful for my health!

Today, my head is starting to clear from the Gamma Knife and I feel more like myself.  I have a lot going on this coming week but it has been nice to have a long weekend to just take it easy.  This afternoon, I will be heading to Tennis & Tutoring for the first time since my surgery.  It will be great to see the children again and I want to show them that I’m ok.  Then tomorrow, I will teach and then we have our big event, the Hunger Banquet that night.  I think it will be a big effort of lots of students, Ann and I and our families, and some parents to pull it off.  I am also happy to say that my bathrooms are almost done with beautiful tile!

This whole thing that has happened, brain tumor, surgery, Pet Scan, MRIs, Cat Scans, and Gamma Knife has left me feeling quite shaken.  I need some time to write and process all that has happened.  I need some time to understand my experience with the angels too.  I think one of the reasons that I have thrown myself back into school and now TNT and even life is so that I can somehow start to feel like my normal self.  I’m glad that the Olympics have been on T.V. then I don’t feel so guilty for just sitting and watching.  After the Gamma Knife, I would get a few things done, then I would need to put my head on a pillow and regroup.  Then up again and trying to resume life as normal.  Yesterday, Joe and I walked 2.5 miles and it felt so good to be out exercising my body.  I keep having dreams where I am playing tennis and then also running.  I miss moving my body and getting reenergized from that.

And I keep thinking of the angels here on earth who acted immediately to rescue me and my family.  They fasted and prayed and came to my house to offer support.  They sent flowers, gifts, letters and food and for that I will always be grateful.  I have learned so much about how to serve and now I have such a responsibility to make a difference for others.  I so appreciate the people who came by to see me.  That has meant the most.  It’s all about being there.

I’m very happy about not feeling so very foggy in my head today.  I think that must mean that I am on the road to recovery!

They put this cap on to measure where they would shoot the radiation for the Gamma Knife.



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