Tuesday, June 18

DSC_0732Maggie and Alex in Balsam Root Field, Big Mountain

We had another excursion to the Balsam Root flower fields on Sunday, June 16 which was also Nate’s 31 birthday and Father’s Day.  Maggie moved onto the trail like nobody’s business and could not be stopped.  Alex, Mary and I headed on to the top with her, Nate right behind and then Joe walked slowly with Katesy who had to look at every flower and examine every bug along the trail.  She even told Joe that “That bug is nice”.  She’s says that about every animal, even ferocious tigers with their mouths wide open.  We arrived in the field of flowers and the girls found a rock to sit on and of course Maggie pondered the things of this world.  Mary, who is absolutely all baby, due in one month is the best hiker with never a complaint about this baby taking up a lot of space.  It was a beautiful day as we looked over this flower field and out towards the blue and green mountains that surround us on all sides.  I always think of the pioneers who came almost on this direct path, just a bit over, around 1849 for a new life.  How they struggled to keep their families alive and moving on their quest for the Salt Lake Valley.  You can see the valley as you reach a vista on the hike and even seeing it they would have known that their journey wasn’t over yet.  They still had a day or two to go.  Their suffering has lead to my fruitful life today for which I am eternally indebted and incredibly grateful.

Nate, Mary, Maggie and Kate



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