Tuesday, March 25


Kitchen almost finished.  We just have to put in floor vents and a few other items!

Time is flying for me right now.  I have so much that I want to accomplish and probably have way too much on my plate.  We finished the kitchen which is more beautiful than I even imagined it could be.  Yesterday, was the first time  I cooked in it and at the same time had a party with family and our two 15 year old German visitors, Paola and Sofia who arrived the night before.  It worked so well to have a lot of people in the kitchen and be able to move around, many of us preparing food and others eating.  Even without a dining table- Joe put it up tonight- we had many in the room, sitting around by the TV.  I love the white of the cabinets, the darkness of the granite countertops and the rich color of the hardwood floor.  I informed Joe that all those hours watching HGTV really paid off in coming up with our dream kitchen.  Now that it’s finished, I can say that the process wasn’t that bad but after weeks without a kitchen, dust permeating every inch in the house, and men in and out of our front door each hour, I was almost ready for a breakdown.

Joe and I were fortunate to go to Sun Valley to ski with friends for an extended weekend and then spent almost a week in Palm Springs with our dear friends, Laurie and Kelly Burt.  Problem was that these trips came right after the remodel finish and so until last night, we hadn’t even had a second to sit down on our new couch.  We finally did sit down but it was only for a few minutes because it was time for bed and we were both quite tired.

I awoke this morning with immediate plans of what I wanted to accomplish today.  I think it’s pretty funny that after 56 years of living, I still wake up with the expectation that I can get everything I think of done that day.  It could possible be the thing that I am most unrealistic about.  Oh wait, there’s one more really unrealistic part of my personality.  It’s that I will stick to the eating plan of no sugar and limited calories until I lose 10 pounds.  That lasts until about 10 A.M.

All finished and furnished too!




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