Wednesday, January 18

Happy Birthday, Sue O.!

Quote of the Day:  “When we understand that the secret of happiness lies not in possessing but in giving, by making others happy we shall be happier ourselves.”  Andrew Gide

When Joe and I were in New Orleans, I did a lot of people watching especially on Bourbon Street.  Because of the turn of events for me last year, I feel an urgency to living, essentially that time is too precious to waste.  I watched people dressed up in really unattractive clothes and horribly uncomfortable shoes, trying to get something, I’m not sure exactly what, well specifically anyway, from others.  But mostly I watched people drink and then drink more.  So many shops that we passed had shirts that glamorized drinking.  One of the guidebooks said “And as an added bonus, with New Orlean’s open container law you can always take your drink with you as you explore.”  I guess I have seen what alcohol does to people, too many members of my family have ruined lives due to alcoholism or drug addiction.  I fail to see the humor in it.  I could only stand to be on Bourbon Street for a few blocks and then was happy to walk the rest of the way through the French Quarter where I got to see all this cool architecture and then as a real N’awlins treat wait in a long line at Cafe du Monde and partake of the beignets.  It was precisely at that moment that I postponed my diet.  

On Friday night, we were touring the French Quarter and stumbled upon this small intimate restaurant.  A woman was setting up a stand to advertise dinner and told us the food was very good.  They sat us by a warm fire, it was unseasonably cold that night, and we looked out upon a French garden.  We had salad followed by tomato bisque and it was perfect, price and all!  

But here is what I wanted to write about today.  Last night I went to a bridal shower and as is customary, we went around the circle and gave advice to the bride and groom.  I gave my two-cents worth to always have fun but then today realized I had the perfect opportunity to give meaningful advice yesterday and blew it.  So some background, I’m sure that I rely on Joe way too much to save the day for me but it’s his fault because he always comes to my rescue and simply saves me.  He did it again yesterday.  I was at the Tennis & Tutoring classroom at Liberty Park, getting ready for the students to come back for their first session since winter break.  I got to the room and the thermostat read 41 degrees.  It was freezing and to my dismay I could not get the furnace to turn on so I called Joe.  I took a picture of the furnace and thought he could walk me through lighting the pilot light- turns out it was spark ignited.  But long story short, Joe came immediately from work to see if he could help me.  By the time he got there, the furnace had turned on but then shortly quit again.  But Joe didn’t just turn around and go back to work.  He stayed for 2 hours and put together newly arrived equipment for the tennis portion of the program.  Now, tomorrow, I will be ready to go.  So my advice really should have been to pick someone who will support you through thick or thin, hot or cold, happiness or sadness and that is exactly what Joe does for me.  I know, I’m incredibly fortunate!

Joe on the mighty Mississippi

French Quarter, New Orleans


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