Wednesday, May 9

Quote of the Day:  “Have you had a kindness shown?  Pass it on!, ‘Twas not given for thee alone, Pass it on!, Let it travel down the years, Let it wipe another’s tears, Till in Heaven the deed appears– Pass it on!”

I heard the best advice from a friend who quoted a young girl who had gone through cancer diagnosis and treatment.  She spoke about “facing it and looking beyond”, meaning that you have to own your situation but you also have to keep your eyes on better times.  It occurred to me that this was exactly what I did when I kept the final date of chemo treatment in my narrow focus, that was my target.  I guess that’s a positive way to get through a difficult situation- just keep looking forward with faith that the future will be brighter than the present.  I know that is how I will run this marathon that is coming closer each day, 10 days away to be precise.  I have been very tired lately, but understandably because of the running, tennis and many hours of yard work.  

So today, Sue O. and I walked the cove and marveled at the greenness all around us, the smells of Spring blossoms and the coolness of the breeze.  I was reminded how much I like walking because it gives you the chance to really enjoy the landscape.  We came across a home for sale, abandoned and left in disrepair.  We climbed through a hole in the fence and stood on a deck with a huge pool and then climbed to the deck above that.  It was clear that this had once been a really nice home and with quite a bit of money will be really nice again.  Standing on the deck, to the east a view of the Millcreek Canyon Road and then facing west an incredible view of Salt Lake.  I kept thinking that if you had the money, this would be a great project to take on- there was so much potential.  I wonder if God feels that way about each of us, that he can see great potential in each of us that is hidden under life’s depris. 

Maggie said such sweet words to me the other day.  She started out “I just want to know…I just want to be honest…I just want to know that everything will be all right with you.”  I asked her if she meant because I had cancer and I’m not sure if we were on the same page but I left it at that.  She is the type of child who really listens to what is being said by adults and she loves words and the way things sound so I thought it was especially cute that she threw in “I just want to be honest” as if in her 4 years of age she’s had a lot of experience with not being honest.  That girl is a gift.  She has been spending a lot of time in our water-feature, which isn’t a place for kids to play, but she takes a decorative water-jug and pretends she is turning water into wine and so until the flowers are planted, I have allowed her to put her bare feet on the sandstone slabs and walk along the rocks, trample in the dirt, all while taking flower victims as she goes.

Maggie, proud as punch, riding a horse at Thanksgiving Point



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One Response to Wednesday, May 9

  1. Shelley May 10, 2012 at 7:04 am #

    Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday morning; I’m still in town and taking care of my mother, Doris.

    I was thinking about you today, and Lynne as well, 8 months ago today we lost her…but I still think about her daily, and think about you as well.

    Your grand daughters are adorable; Lynne always raved about them & I know how much she wanted to have grandchildren.

    Hope you are having sweet dreams & hope to find out where we are all meeting up on Saturday morning? Sheri said that she would call you.



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