Friday, August 19-Saturday, August 20

Quote of the Day: “Find a place which speaks to your soul, which calls you back.”

Exercise Log:  Friday, Jen, Linda, Sue B. and I walked from Jen’s house- 3.74 miles.  We stopped into Linda’s house and saw her new puppies- very cute.  Linda told me about a job offer that I applied for.  Anxious to hear next week.  It is great to feel excited about having something new that’s positive in the future!  Saturday- we meet Dunns, Clements and Mike Traebert and headed to Kamas.  From there we rode our bikes towards Wolf Creek Summit.  It was a beautiful morning- perfect temperature for a ride.  Joe and I did 21 miles and the others went either all the way or nearly to the summit.  Our favorite part of the ride was this backroad in Woodland that had very little traffic and cows and buffaloes. The buffalo ranch was beautiful including the pond east of the ranch.  I could live here I thought.  The way back was more downhill, just the way we like it.

Here’s my goal for future Saturdays:  Since there are only 52 Saturdays in the year (saying  goes to Jim Morgan), I am going to do something great on Saturdays.  That’s always been Joe’s pet-peeve.  He has Saturdays off and there are all these chores to be done.  Today, we both were so happy because we had done this great ride, got exercise and nature in our souls!

Isn’t it amazing how wonderful some people make you feel?  When I came home from radiation this week, Carol Skeen had brought over a beautiful pear pewter dish and a box of all her amazing goodies.  She wrote me the nicest notes making me feel so good about life!  It’s funny, because I have a gift I am getting ready for her but she always beats me to it.  I want to give her something from the heart because of the gifts from the heart she has given me, but I always feel like I fall short.  Carol has the best attitude of anyone I know.  She is the type of person who, when you see them, they make you feel that you are the most important person in the world.  How does she do it?  I have watched her and she’s not just like that with me.  She is like that with everyone.  Her gift to the world is how she makes you realize your potential.  It’s how I think God would treat all of us.  He would look at our good qualities and want us to believe in ourselves so that we could live the most fulfilled, enlightened life.  We would all be striving to accomplish great things because we wouldn’t doubt ourselves, we wouldn’t for a moment think we weren’t worth it.  And because we thought so much of ourselves, we wouldn’t be petty or have to tear anyone else down.  Perfect world, no?



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  1. Shelley August 21, 2011 at 3:53 pm #

    thanks so much for walking with me this morning…you are a wonderful person and you touch my heart…you share the same beautiful blue eyes with your sweet sister Lynne….God bless you honey!

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