Friday, February 3

Quote of the Day:  “It’s all good!”  Uncertain when it first was said and by whom

Yesterday was my 3 month check-up at the oncologist.  I spent the week with it weighing heavily on my mind.  When I went to the mammogram call a year ago this month, I came out a different person than when I went in.  I knew the meaning of fear. I had arrived totally unprepared- alone, no warning that they would be preforming an ultra-sound, no thought in this world that I needed to have my own surgeon, and even more, that I would be walking out the door with knowledge of a lump reported “highly suspicious”.  And so because of my past experiences, every time I think about going to the Cancer Center at IMC, I get a little nervous.  I’m so grateful to them for saving my life, but it does increase my heart rate.  My visit with Dr. Nibley went very well.  They drew blood and all my levels looked great.  They took two blood samples and ran a complete test and also one on liver numbers.  He performed a short physical feeling lymphnods and other areas and asked about bone pain.  I am happy to say I have none.  I was a little worried about joint pain because my knees and left elbow are sore- he said that is common for chemo patients.  I can tell that running really helps relieve that feeling in my knees.    

While I was at Dr. Nibley’s office, I grabbed an article about exercise and cancer called: Exercise Can Cut Risk of Dying From Breast Cancer.  I read it thinking “Why are they not shouting this from the rooftops?” I had no idea that exercise was such a huge factor for non recurrence.  It made me feel so good about my daily 5.1 mile walks during chemo and all my friends and sister, Jen, should pat themselves on the back for being there to walk with me everyday.  Mainly, the article is working with findings from hormone based breast cancer, mine was a non-hormone based cancer.  They know that hormones grow estrogen and progesterone cancers but they don’t know what grows Triple Negative breast cancer.  From the article:  “The findings…found that breast cancer patients who walk or do other kinds of moderate exercise for three to five hours a week are about 50 percent less likely to die from the disease than sedentary women. …the findings are particularly striking because the benefit appeared strongest for the most common form (estrogen) of breast cancer, and it held true regardless of whether the cancer was diagnosed early or not until after it had spread. …Women are always asking, ‘What can I do?’  This is saying, ‘There’s something women can do that doesn’t involve drugs and side effects.'”  50 percent chance of non recurrence- that makes me happy to be out running every day!

So this week I woke in the middle of the night and heard a voice say “It’s all good”.  It was a women’s voice. I heard those words and came to a more waking state and thought, “Did I just hear that?”  “Did I say that?”  I kept going over those words, again and again, in my mind.  My first thought was of Lynne, hoping she was sending me a message.  In my heart, I wanted her to send me a message that all was ok with her and maybe that was it.  I don’t know.  Maybe it was a message to me allowing my heart to be at peace with my own health.  I told Joe my experience the next day and he wanted to know what it meant and really I don’t know.  I just know it was comforting.  So yesterday, Joe and I were carting our items from Costco to our car and a car pulls up and guess what it says in vinyl letters on the back.  You got it, “It’s all good”.  I waited for the girl to go inside before I snapped this picture.



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