Friday, July 1

Quote of the Day:

Exercise Log:  Jen and I went 5.81 miles.  We left from my house and went to the bike trail that begins at Parley’s Canyon.  So glad that Jen was there to walk with me.  It’s what gets me up in the morning!  Runner friends are logging miles for the Bryce Canyon Half.  I absolutely love the mornings.  We saw Carol Skeen on her morning walk and she looked darling, she was wearing the cutest jeans.  She is the spunkiest, most positive person I’ve ever met.  She gave both of us a hug and then, wouldn’t you know it, when I got home, she had left a bag full of goodies at my door.  I’m talking baked goodies and homemade items and the most beautiful card.  Carol is the model of giving.

Although, I know it’s my time to lay low, it’s still hard.  My muscles really hurt and so I started to watch Wimbledon but I can’t really sit without discomfort so I lie down and then fall asleep.  Very frustrating.  I hate that I look outside and really want to work on my yard, but don’t have the strength.  My boys keep saying:  “This is your last treatment so you won’t have to go through this again” but it’s still discouraging.  I think for me, not being able to do what I want to do with my body, is the biggest challenge.  I don’t feel productive and that wears on me.  Can’t wait to get my body and energy level back.

Taylor, who is serving a mission in Guatemala, will turn 20 tomorrow.  I have been thinking about him a lot lately, which I do all the time, anyway.  I have really missed him this past 10 months.  He has always been the most wonderful child.  He’s they type that always got his work done, before he did things he enjoyed.  He taught me much more than I think I taught him about how to live your life with honor.  He sent me this message this week:  “Mom, I am so happy you are finishing this week. I have fasted a lot for you and prayed a lot for you. Don’t worry I will be fasting for you tomorrow. You are such an inspiration to me. When times are hard we learn a lot. By the time it is all over your understanding of the things in life I bet will be so much better and you will be so much closer to your Heavenly Father. All things are given to us to help us grow, even though it is hard all things if we endure faithful will be for our benefit.”

But one of the best letters I’ve ever received came this week from another missionary in Taylor’s mission and also a former student of mine.  This student, Braden Child, was one of my favorites.  He was the kind of individual who showed personal contentment and had a strong confidence about himself.  He knew what he stood for and that made other students respect him and want to be around him.  It’s a pretty rare quality and one I love to see in a high school student.  Here’s a bit of what Braden said.  “My purpose in writing you is to specifically thank you for the wonderful job you did in raising that son of yours Taylor Daily.  …he’s been through some ups and downs some good camps and a lot more bad ones, yet he keeps going.  …he has saved companions, members and investigators…His spanish is great, he gets along with everyone, and is a great leader.”  This letter made my day.  I so appreciate Braden for taking the time to write the letter.  It made me so happy to think that someone was acknowledging what Taylor was doing.

Carol Skeen-  My hero!


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