Friday, September 9, 2011

Quote of the Day:  “In gratitude for your own good fortune you must render in return some sacrifice of your life for other life.”   Albert Schweitzer

Inspired by the book Thanks for the Mammogram by Laura Walker, loaned to me by Margaret Sevy, breast cancer survivor.  Laura wrote a chapter in her book where she expressed her gratitude for all things wonderful in life.  So I started to make my list and came to the realization that it would take an eternity to complete, literally, so here’s a start- they are not in order and the list is in no way complete!


Being married to Joe and having 4 amazing boys, 2 incredible daughters-in-law and the 2 most beautiful grand girls in the world!

Being able to have daughters in Mary and Elle

Maggie and Kate’s beautiful, perfect faces

Taylor able to serve a mission in Guatemala- he understands the meaning of obedience

Maggie saying out of the blue “Grandma Joanie, I love you”

Kate daring to take those first steps, big smiles every time I see her

Growing up with all sisters- fun, fun, fun

Having great parents, step-parents, grandparents, in-laws that influence my life in positive ways!

Cruising around the world with my mom and sisters- Mexico, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Tahiti- Bora, Bora and more

Playing tennis with Lynne- winning 5 tournaments in a row!

Understanding that Lynne will get to see her grandchildren in heaven!

Building a serenity fountain in our backyard with Joe, Taylor and Alex

Spending time at our Park City Condo, hiking, biking, tennis, watching tennis, food

Being able to work with youth and service- connecting on a level not attained any other way

Having a job at Skyline where my children and their friends could participate, teaching students how service can change your life

Community of Caring retreats with students-  running  with a group of students through the PC graveyard at night, in the dark, coming to terms with your fears

Watching Night of the Living Dead at an old barn, Halloween time

Riding bikes w/ Taylor from Colter Bay to Yellowstone and seeing a huge grizzly bear on the road

Spending time with my family- playing games, laughing, cooking

Walking with Jen in the dark early morning and thinking a mailbox was a mountain lion and then being startled by a sprinkler

Alex’s comedic sense of humor

Having the most supportive amazing friends in this world

Hanging out with the Sues “Joanie and the Sues”

Visiting Machu Picchu in Peru- standing at entrance and looking over the whole expanse

Hang-gliding in Lima, Peru with my German-Brazilian buddy

Experiencing service missions in Mexico and Peru

Watching my children make positive decisions

Being able to go out in nature and see the flowers and animals

Spending time each year in the Tetons, boating, hiking, game playing

Being with Laurie and Kelly at Palm Springs for tennis tournament, watching Patrick Rafter serve and volley, making goals each year, playing tennis, going on hikes, staying at the Esmeralda 

listening to classical music-  Schubert’s Standchen

living in Germany with the Himberger’s- (talk about hospitality!), attending a gymasium

learning to speak German

Playing the piano

Lynne calling me when I had chemo, making sure I was ok

Chemo friends taking the time to come during infusion

Playing tennis with all its emotions: fun, fear, excitement, joy

Listening to the spirit tell you that all will be ok, your cancer is gone

God sending a dragon-fly to land on my skin and stay with me a good long minute

Traveling to many countries including: Germany, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Switzerland, Austria, England, Belgium, Italy, Liechtenstein, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Peru, Tahiti

Swimming in the Mediterranean Ocean, water-skiing on the Caribbean Ocean

Running 27 marathons-  medal around your neck

Shower after running a marathon where the salt water trickles down you body

Seeing the sun rise on morning runs

Feeling my body run without effort (only happens once in a while!)

Junior Mints and Heath Bars, Dodo restaurant Caramel Coffee Cake

Jonathan Apples fresh off the tree with no pesticides 

Learning and then understanding a new concept in school or with scriptures, “Ah ha” moments

Feeling of serenity that comes over you in spiritual moment

Hearing Martin Luther King Jr.s’ speech “I Have a Dream”

Working really hard on a project- giving it your all and then sitting back

Listening to Vivaldi in Austria

Sitting on the bench outside of Jenny Lake after a backpacking trip, eating Cheetos and drinking a diet Coke

Giving a stranger a ride home because her car broke down

Serving dinner to the needy populations at Salvation Army, talking to my friends there

Watching students gathering at Camp Tracy for the Hunger Banquet- knowing it still goes on without me-  Alex performing with comedic group

Nate- graduating from BYU, Mike retrieving ball at State Football Championship

Carol and John Skeen!



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