Monday, February 10, 2014


Bracelet from Jen’s friends- “Dance Moms”

Yesterday afternoon, Maggie and Kate came running in with cards they had made for me. Maggie’s says: “I love you.  I hope it goes will with the pet scan love Maggie.”  Most adorable kindergarten writing.  I asked her about the picture and she said, with one upper front tooth missing, “It’s a path of love.”  I’m all for that.  Kate chimed in “Mine is a desert.”  Saturday night, 3 year old, Kate raised her hand to say the prayer and sure enough without any prompting she asked Heavenly Father to “bless Grandma Joanie that she would get better.” My favorite part of them arriving at my house is that they run to find me.  The literally burst through the door and start running.  They make their best guess as to where I am and head there and if I’m not there, they start to question everyone.  Joe always says that their first question is:  “Where is Grandma Joanie?”  I am so lucky, they are the most beautiful children!

In a few hours, I am headed to the hospital for a PET Scan.  For a person who really doesn’t like needles, I have learned to endure it. I am finding that life is really just about doing a lot of things you don’t want to do but when it comes to saving or extending your life, I don’t know too many people who wouldn’t do it.  Most of the activities in my life, I chose to do but this is different.  I am so fortunate to be alive when there are machines to help doctors navigate so they can get a picture of what is going on inside your body.   I am the beneficiary of amazing medical care and the choice I get to make is how I act through all this.

I have such loving, kind and caring people in my life.  Yesterday afternoon, Mike and Linda Dunn brought by homemade grilled pizza which was perfectly delicious, Christine Holding and family brought salad and dessert.  And then last night people stopped by for a visit, then my darling neighbor, Cindy, brought by a card with a gift certificate for a pedicure.  This morning Jen brought a bracelet from her “dance mom” friends that says T O U G H.  I  am touched and humbled by all this attention.  It’s not about repaying the favors, I understand that I won’t be able to do that, but it’s really important to me that people know that I acknowledge these kindnesses.  They aren’t expected or taken for granted and each one of them makes me grateful that I have crossed paths with this person.

Yesterday at church I felt this increase of the spirit.  Everything that was said I felt I could relate to and I wanted to take it all in.  My emotions are so close to the surface.  This is a new one for me since I learned quite young to keep my emotions tucked away.  I think growing up it was a coping mechanism.  They are at the surface and that’s a good thing.

I asked Alex this morning if he would do this PET Scan for me this morning and he said he would and I believe he really would if he could.  Taylor sent me a text of encouragement and love.  I am blessed!

Kate and Maggie’s drawings



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