Sunday, February 9, 2014


We had some fun Friday night.  We had planned to spend the weekend at Bear Lake but due to the snowy weather, we stayed home.  Joe didn’t want Maggie and Kate to be disappointed so he reserved a room for them at the Marriott downtown.  They had such fun swimming.  Baby Joe, who happens to be the most calm, easy going baby ever, wasn’t quite sure about being in the water, he looked a little concerned but never fussed or cried.  I got to put him in his new swimsuit and just ended up tickling his darling tummy and he laughed and laughed.  I am crazy over this baby!

This is a big week of testing for me.  On Monday, I will have a PET Scan and then on Wednesday they will do the Gamma Knife treatment.  The PET Scan is so they can see if there is anything else going on in the rest of my body, since the brain tumor was discovered.  The Gamma Knife will radiate the area of the brain where the tumor was removed.  Both procedures should have minimal effects.  The Gamma Knife will make me tired for a few days but it’s a one-time deal which I like.  When I did radiation before for breast cancer, I had to go back about 30 times.  I didn’t really notice that radiation made me too tired.  I didn’t like that my body was being radiated but compared to chemo, it was a walk in the park!

Once again, I feel very comforted about having these procedures.  I think I am extremely lucky that I have a very optimistic outlook on life.  I also have a firm set of beliefs and that really helps.  I feel so buoyed up by my experience with the angels that it has left me profoundly changed.  I have so much that I want to accomplish in life and I feel really strongly that people should tow the line and do what they are suppose to be doing, like taking care of their bodies, taking care of their children, helping other people and stop obsessing over things that don’t matter.

Donna Pizza took a picture of this plaque for me.  I love what it says!



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