Thursday, February 6


Beautiful tulips brought for me today by Jennifer Merkley.

Today, Sue Buehner and I went for a walk through our neighborhood.  We walked for about an hour and it felt so good to get out and do a bit of exercise.  I  really am bored with so much sitting but I know that if I take it easy, I will heal faster.  I have liked getting over to Skyline and back to my classes.  That’s been a really positive part of my recovery.  Libbie and Gracie have really taken over and stepped it up.  They are amazing girls and have helped me so much.  I am so lucky to know them and to have them in Community of Caring.

And once again, I have so many people who have come to my aid.  Jennifer Merkley came by today, she also has the BRCA 1 mutation and her treatment happened about 6 months before mine.  She is doing well and I’m so happy for her!  She brought me some beautiful tulips,which really do make me happy, and a poem that describes how I feel, exactly.  Lovely poem by Wendy C. Osborne.

From the mountaintops I can see a glorious view.

Stunning vistas lay before me and the wonder of it all takes my breath away.

But I am not always on the mountaintops.

Many moments of my life are spent in winding canyons wondering what lies around the corner.

How will I overcome the challenges that lie before me?

I walk in darkness, praying for a momentary glimmer of light.

Then in a brilliant moment a tender and merciful Father illuminates my view and I see the canyons of my life hold beauty, too.

I can see the exquisite miracles that surround me.  But the greatest miracle is inside me.

I am different.

I have learned to cherish the light.

There was light all around me on the mountaintop, but I see the light best when my life is the darkest.

Libbie and Gracie at assembly



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