Monday, July 25

Quote of the Day:  “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it”.  Thomas Jefferson

Exercise Log:  Jen and I went over to Eastwood Elementary.  We went 4.24 miles.  It was good to have Jen back from vacation and be up at 6:30 A.M. ready to face the day.  White clouds were in the west and Mount Olympus looked beautiful, as usual.

It’s Pioneer Day in Salt Lake.  We are always at Colter Bay over the 24th of July- with a lot of other Utahns- so I’m constantly thinking of the Tetons this week but glad that our time is coming up there after Mike and Elle get married.  I also want my body to heal a bit more before I jump in the lake, no open wounds, please.  There is no other lake like Jackson Lake.  It is this amazingly beautiful lake tucked under Mount Moran with views of the Tetons.  The water is cold but incredibly refreshing and I love washing my hair and then jumping back into the lake to get the soap out, just scalp washing this year.  When our kids were little, they would skinny-dip in the lake because it’s so large and the other boats are so far away.  There are days where the wind is non-existant and you can water-ski or wake-board on glass forever! Last year, we parked our boat by the side of Moran Bay and got out the binoculars.  There was a family of eagles nesting way up high in a dead tree.  We watched the mother and father soar high above us and bring food back to the babies.  We also saw 2 large moose on the side of the bay, eating the plants.  We just parked the boat and watched and watched.  Maggie thought it was the coolest thing to see the animals so close.

We’ve had some scary times also in Moran Bay.  When Taylor was ready to enter high school, this cute girl named Katie Jensen came with us on our boat for some wake-boarding.  Her parents were in a boat nearby.  Katie is a dare-devil and jumped very high and caught the tip of the wakeboard in the water.  This made her hit the water very hard with her head.  We turned the boat around and saw that something was wrong, her head was back and she started to shake in the water.  I have never been more afraid in my life.  Joe and Alex jumped in the lake and brought her into the boat.  Taylor called 911 and by some miracle got through to Colter Bay.  Katie was out of it.  We raced to her parent’s boat and Katie’s sister, Amy, who is a nurse jumped in our boat and tried to wake Katie up.  We raced back to the marina and by that time Katie was coming to and the ambulance was waiting.  We said many prayers in Katie’s behalf.  They took Katie by ambulance to Jackson where she stayed in a hospital and they monitored her.  She had a very serious concussion but was otherwise ok.  We were all so shaken up, especially Taylor.  But this story has a really happy ending.  Katie and Taylor become great friends and dated through high school.  Katie also was a student of mine for 3 years and I also got to coach her in tennis.  She has been so darling to me during this ordeal! She has texted me so many times, sent me cards, brought over gifts and treats.  She is one of my favorite girls!  I’m so grateful that our prayers were answered that day!

Taylor and Katie on Jackson Lake-  July 2010


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