Monday, June 13

Quote of the Day:  “To lose patience is to lose the battle.”    Mahatma Ghandi

Exercise Log:  Lori, Patti, Sue O., Jen and I walked around neighborhood.  We went 4.59 miles (-3.01). I’m feeling really good which I’m very glad for but then it makes it hard when you start to feel crumby again.  I think it is easier to take knowing that after tomorrow, I will have only one treatment left.

Joe and I met with the radiologist oncologist on Friday and she answered my big question which was that I should do the mastectomy before radiation.  She said that because of what radiation does to your skin, it’s better to have the surgery first.  I would really like to have the surgery done at least 4 weeks before Mike’s wedding which is on August 4 but I don’t know if they will make me wait longer after chemo.  I am feeling pretty strong, thanks to all the exercise, so if my counts look good, I hope they will let me do the surgery in July.  That way, I can get it over with and then be healed enough for Mike’s wedding and our trip to the Tetons.  That would mean middle of August to start radiation.  I am very anxious to get the surgeries completed.  Then I would be able to do the final surgeries in the Fall.

My sister, Taylor, who also tested positive for the BRCA 1 gene, met with a genetic counselor at Huntsman and had a very positive experience.  She is so young and yet so wise.  She knows exactly what she needs to do so that this BRCA 1 gene doesn’t own her.  I so admire her for being so proactive.  She has been so darling in thanking me for finding this gene in our group of sisters which I so appreciate.  It’s daunting news but knowledge is power.  When you have this gene, you want to get out all the tissue that may cause you harm later on.

It’s hard when you talk to some people, because they don’t really know all the details of your prognosis, but they make assumptions that your life will be shortened or that this is a terminal case.  I want to say to them that we don’t know the future and please don’t speak like you know what my future will be.  I saw a man today at the pharmacy (I have seen him as he drives up Millcreek Canyon in the morning and he always stops to say hi to us.)  He is the first person to ask if I had cancer- I think it’s because he had a grandson who was 9 diagnosed with a form of sarcoma.  The grandson is doing well.  This man is really sweet and wished me well!

I am tending Maggie and Kate today and when I look into their beautiful faces, I know that I will get through 2011, remember it always, and be able to spend many, many wonderful times with them in the future.


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One Response to Monday, June 13

  1. Shelley June 15, 2011 at 3:42 am #

    Sweet Joanie:

    Ah…actually, no one knows their future….as Lynne always reminds me….”Today is a gift, that is why it is called a present!”

    Hang in there, you are a strong and sweet woman…

    Long distance hugs,


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