Saturday, December 1

When I was 18, I arrived home from an exchange program in Germany where I had lived for four months.  It was around December 18 and Salt Lake was experiencing a very warm winter.  No snow was upon the ground and people were walking around in sweaters.  That is how this winter feels to me.  We did have a huge storm in November but since then, no snow.  Couple that with warm temperatures and you have a lot of industries that depend on the snow in peril.  I love a great snowstorm, especially around Christmas, and look forward to snow on the ground.  Until then, I will be working on checking items off my list.

I am so grateful for good health.  It is the starting point for making everything else in life so enjoyable.  I still get nervous if I have some pain or ailment and wonder if it could be a recurrence.  I don’t think I’ll rest easy until those seven years pass without incident.  I am so hoping that I get this chance to live and enjoy all the richness in life.  I have come to realize that an easy life without any issues or problems isn’t really the most rewarding life.  Hard work, giving service to others, appreciating all that life has to offer make for a much more fulfilling life.  And to my friends that are teachers, that’s really where it’s at.  Being an example to young people and building strong ties and relationships with lots of people, that’s what counts.  I see people who don’t give anything back to benefit others, there is this attitude that they deserve what they’ve been given and it’s costly in character.  I also have noticed that sometimes those who have the most possessions, just want more.

Mostly, I am grateful for my family, husband, children and grandchildren.  They make me the happiest and I love that together, as a family unit, we can do things that alone we could not do.  This time of year reminds me that being surrounded by those you love is to have the whole world in your hands!

And I am grateful for dear friends who hike with me along the Armstrong Trail, over bits of frozen mud, snow and ice.  Outside, among friends, that’s good living!

At the King Con lift in Park City with Joanie, Sue O. and Susie!  Sue B. and Sue O. on the Armstrong Trail.  Pray for snow!



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