Sunday, December 9

Friday was the annual Runner’s Luncheon at Sue Oldroyd’s home.  I feel so lucky to have landed in this neighborhood and to have such amazing friends.  We are all linked by our love of running and the great outdoors.  When I look around the room at them, I’m taken back by the talents that exist in this group, each one with outstanding qualities and capabilities and that’s one reason why I feel so blessed to be a part of the group.  They inspire and motivate me to be a better, more kind and hard working person.  And let’s not forget the food.  Sue O. made this delicious tomato basil soup, Patti- bowtie pasta salad, Kathy English- pear salad with vinaigrette, Sue B. and Julie filled a goblet with berries and ginger ale topped with a mint leaf, and I brought the rolls.  Look at the recipe section of my blog for posting of the rolls and pear salad dressing.




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