Saturday, March 19

Quote of the Day:  “If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?”  Percy Shelley

From Waking the Warrior Goddess:  Custom # 7 Drink Green Tea Every Day

Today we hiked in the mountains around Indian Wells.  The yellow flowers were a blaze- the bushes full of yellow dotted the trail.  We saw no rattle-snakes (sorry, Maggie!) but so enjoyed hiking in the morning sun.  The best part of this trip is spending time w/ Laurie and Kelly Burt.  They have been friends since we were all in college (except Joe- he was through) and we have taken many family vacations together, watched each other’s children grow and start to go their ways and spent a lot of time making goals and trying to better ourselves.

I so appreciate all the comments that have been left on my blog- they are such a kind confirmation of people relating to what’s going on  in my life and also a vote of support to keep going in a positive direction.  My brother-in-law, Tom Stephens wrote:  “All sorts of negative events or bad experiences jolt one’s sense of innocence and self-confidence. Wild, out-of-the-blue events disrupt our lives, some more than others. It is the human experience, I suppose.”

So maybe it’s good that our self-confidence is jolted- maybe that’s what makes us grow and develop into more enlightened individuals because we fight so much against change and the older we get the more we resist anything that disrupts our current way of life, anything that makes us more vulnerable or out of control but sometimes it’s the only thing that makes us notice other’s suffering and gives us the desire to want to change the world for ourselves and others.

It has been so easy to forget that I have cancer on this trip to Palm Springs.  You get so caught up in what match is coming up next, watching Federer play tennis is watching an artist at work.  I’m pretty sure that the cosmic universe came together to make Federer-  he’s got it all- talent, temperment, good-looks, physical strength, emotional maturity.  And then don’t forget Nadal.  He is so incredible to watch.  I can’t help but feeling very lucky to be living at this time and to see them both wielding a tennis racquet in person.


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  1. Matt Clark March 20, 2011 at 9:16 pm #

    I’m so jealous that you are in Indian Wells! I did get to watch a little of the Djockovic / Federer match. What great athletes they are. It’s fun to see anyone perform at such a high level regardless of their expertise. Yet, we see it every day. People friends, students, family, doesn’t matter – everyone is capable of amazing feats. Friday I stopped by to see Sam Arishita on my way home. I walked I to see him standing and greeted me with a hug. He’s walking and pushing himself everyday in Physical Therapy. He still has a ways to go – but it’s amazing, no miraculous, to see how much progress he has made. I watched a little of the NCAA Wrestling Championships last night. The 125 lb. National Champion was from ASU and was born without a right leg. Unbelievable – he beat the defending champion from last year! We all have it in us, sometimes we just need the opportunity to show what we have. Glad you are having a great time, bring some sunshine home with you.

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