Saturday, Sunday July 16, 17

Quote of the Day:  “They can because they think they can.”  Virgil  

Exercise Log:  Yes, I’m back on the road (or hills, or paths) and so should all of you!  Jen and I went 3 miles on relatively flat streets- as much as possible in the cove.  I keep thinking about how much my body has gone through in the past 6 months and I still marvel that it heals itself and I come back feeling as well as I do.  I really attribute it to taking care of myself through diet and exercise, before I knew I was carrying this gene, and all the walking afterwards.  Our bodies really are amazing but they need us to do our part.  

As a family, we were talking about the BRCA 1 mutation in this gene and how it can live and be passed on without diminishing over time and it’s because it doesn’t show itself usually until after you’ve had children and so has already been passed on.  I was watching a video taken of San Francisco just a week before the big earthquake of 1906 that destroyed the city.  At that time, the average life span was only 50 years so this gene could possible have existed in families without anyone even aware of it.  But here’s some great news.  My sister, Emily, talked with the genetic team at Huntsman this week and she asked them if there was any procedure that is done to prevent this gene from being passed on.  Apparently, they can tell if a fertilized egg has this gene before they implant it, so if someone wanted to go to those lengths before having a baby, the technology is possible.

So tomorrow, I make a visit to the ob-gyn doctor and discuss when to schedule an Oophorectomy- yes that is really what it’s called- they remove your ovaries and fallopian tubes and a little more tissue, because apparently you can still get ovarian cancer after your ovaries are removed, which just seems wrong.  I don’t know if I will have this surgery before I start radiation.  Hopefully, once it’s done, I can relax knowing that this tissue, which feels like a ticking time-bomb, will be removed from my body.  I really am trying to do all that I can to stay alive, to see my children and grandchildren married, to witness the birth of my grandchildren and to once again be a grandma with energy and fun attached to my name.  It makes me so sad when I think of people who don’t want to live, perhaps who can’t get over a tragic past or are dealing with depression because even though this world is very ugly at times, there are all these other beautiful times that I want to be a part of.   

I will also visit the plastic surgeon tomorrow where they will remove the last 2 drains. Yes, I can then wear any shirt or top I choose!!!  Sleeping is still rough with this surgery.  I’m afraid there may be a little infection in the left side.  It is still very much swollen where the right side seems like it is healing better- still very sore but a lot of the swelling has decreased.  Right side feels more like me, left side still an alien part.  Perhaps, TMI for some, sorry about that.  

I was looking through my son, Taylor’s missionary photos, and have really been touched by several.  He has made these logos regarding breast cancer and then there’s this one photo where he shows this logo he has put under his tie, in support of me dealing with breast cancer.  It’s really sweet.  I love that he carries it with him next to his heart.   









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  1. Rebecca October 12, 2011 at 8:49 pm #

    Hi, I’m 12 years old, I was supposed to make a flyer for breast cancer awareness and so i was lookig things up online. The wings of hope picture came up, I clicked on it and i also read your last post. It inspired me to donate for breast cancer. It made me feel better about myself after i did, my mom was proud of me to, i just felt the need to share this with you.
    and to end, a quote;
    ‘Women are like tea bags, you never know how strong they are until you put them in hot water’ Elanor Roosevelt


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