Friday, July 15

Quote of the Day:  “The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.”  Vince Lombardi

Last night, Malissa Rodgers-Ryberg brought over such a lovely dinner for us.  I’m learning a lot about cooking including presentation from these dinners.  There are some lucky families out there getting dinners like this every night and my family is usually not one of them, so I’m going to really have to step it up in the future.  Malissa brought a plate of Caprese- tomotoes, mozzarella, with fresh basil and balsamic vinegar to drizzle over,  asparagus, tender, delicious fish, berries with small cupcakes.  It was the kind of meal you leave feeling so satisfied after and and yet feel so healthy eating it.  

I received this lovely card from Michele Harris with information that made me feel so good.  Michele’s son, Jared, is one of Nate’s best friends and daughter, Liz, was a Community of Caring girl.  Also, darling Mariah Kearsley, Community of Caring Historian this past year, brought me some Fresca, Skor Bars, Guardian Angel pendent and the historian book from this year.  She did an amazing job compiling the year’s photos and events including the Costa Rica Humanitarian Trip.  I loved visiting with her.  Also, thanks for your visit, Mauritia.  

I had an appointment with the plastic surgeon P.A. who I’m very impressed with.  Her name is Stephanie, she is darling, very caring and positive.  She removed 2 of my drains, the rest will come out on Monday, and gave permission to remove the support hose- yes!  She said there is one area- very small- where the skin is looking very sore- they will look at on Monday and may have to close that area with the healthy skin around but other than that, I am way ahead of schedule!  Next week, I have appointments with plastic surgeon, ob-gyn, oncologist and surgeon.  That’s a lot of doctor visiting but we’re used to it.

Taylor sent a package from Guatemala today with native purse, slippers and camera card.  He took a lot of videos.  He looks and sounds amazingly well- gave us tour of his life on P-day, apartment, children in the streets in the city of Jocotenango near Antigua.  It did my heart good to see him and listen to him speak Spanish.  He looks so happy and comfortable in his environment.  Taylor gave us advice for Mike and Elle as their marriage is up-coming.  He said to follow the steps of Jesus, do as he would do, and you will have a great marriage.  He also said to have common goals and values so that you are both striving for the same things in life.  Great advice, Taylor.

 So as I was searching for some quotes and sayings on the internet, I came across this in

Don’t Judge Yourself

“Don’t judge yourself by what you understand of your potential. Trust in the Lord and what He can do with your dedicated heart and willing mind (see D&C 64:34). Order your life more effectively and eliminate trivia, meaningless detail, and activity. They waste the perishable, fixed, and limited resource of time. Choose to emphasize those matters that have an eternal consequence.”Permanent, worthwhile growth is attainable, but not without great effort and the honest application of truth. Worthy accomplishment is founded in integrity. Righteousness is fundamental to happiness and desirable attainment. Righteousness is rooted in a pure heart. And indeed it protects one from contamination and the filth of the world. Righteous love is the supreme motivation for constructive change. The examples of our Father in Heaven and the Savior and Their teachings are the perfect source of motivation and direction for life.”

Malissa’s dinner, Caprese and Berries and Cupcakes


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