Sunday, July 10

Quote of the Day:  “I consider faith properly injected into a patient as effective in maintaining life as adrenaline, and belief in miracles has been the difference between living and dying as often as any surgeon’s scalpel.”  Cary Grant

In the middle of the night, I could hear the rain coming down.  There’s something so wonderful about the rain falling outside my window.  Every now and then a breeze would pick up and carry itself through the screen door.  It gave off that rain smell that I love and soaked into my plants.  I like to sleep on the couch for a few days after I’ve had surgery because it’s easier to get up and down and I can prop pillows up easier than in a bed.  Also, with this surgery there is no rolling over so I can occupy a small space with no problem.

As you may know, Joe and I and some of our boys have taken humanitarian missions to Peru.  We’ve become involved with an organization called Southern-Cross, now Eagle Condor, but I got a STRENGTH bracelet yesterday, made by some of the children, sent to me by Laura- how sweet.  Also, some of my darling former students stopped by with flowers and cards.  I wasn’t feeling great so I didn’t get to see them but thanks to Kellyn, Nicol and Marissa!  I was so touched by their kind words, hopes and prayers.  I am so lucky to have rubbed shoulders with these amazing souls!  The Dailys in Reno sent flowers and kind note.  Kathy Daily is always thinking about me.  Carol Skeen, of course, sent a card with healing words in the mail and Andrea B. left a “happy” flower and card.  Wow!  I really don’t deserve all this attention but I am grateful for it!

I had a dream last night that I woke up and had hair to my shoulders.  It was so fun to have hair again-it really is an appearance improver- but I must admit that it has been so… much easier to not have hair during chemo and surgeries.  Really, you don’t feel like washing and fixing your hair, I can’t even lift my arms so there is some wisdom in taking one thing away that adds to the stress.  I am getting some growth back and I never lost my eye brows and eye lashes completely so that feels like a tender mercy.   I heard that massaging the head promotes growth, so I’m doing that like crazy.  There is something about a bald head, that people want to touch.  Everyone in my family walks by and touches it.

So I’m starting to consider my running comeback wondering when I will be able to move my legs faster than a walk.  In Runner’s World it says “It generally takes about twice the length of your treatment to get back to your former running self… So if you had radiation for three months, plan on at least six months before regaining your previous fitness level.”  I’ve been out for a while so it will take some time, and I’m learning patience each day.  Also they suggest that  you take Vitamin D and Calcium and do strength training 1 to 3 times per week which works for me.  “Strong muscles will help relive stress on your bones,”…    I’m so grateful for the rain while I’m trying to convalesce, partly because my lawn is staying green and partly because it feels like the world is resting just as I am having to rest.  I really credit my friends for making my feel so a part of their lives.  Some are headed to a half-marathon this weekend in Bryce Canyon.  I don’t feel left out, just excited to join them next year.


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