Monday, July 11

Quote of the Day: ” To lose patience is to lose the battle.”  Mahatma Gandhi

I woke up praying that this day would end well.  I will see plastic surgeon at noon- I noticed a lot of bruising right below my ribs on the right side and I hope that is normal.  I’m anxious to know that all healing is going well and when I am able to have drains removed- I do want to keep them in as long as I need to.  They’re annoying, take up a lot of space, hard to disguise but necessary.  I think my experience with the lumpectomy and one drain helped prepare me for this post-surgery.  The big question for me today will be regarding the breast tissue.  Once you have a diagnosis like cancer, you can’t believe how nerve-racking waiting for test results is.  I think I will be forever changed that way- wanting to know but afraid of the results.   I just pray that there is no other sign of cancer so I can go on my journey to healing.  We are still awaiting results from my boys BRCA 1 testing.

On the healing front, I am decreasing my pain medication, still in support hose- at least another week but moving in the right direction.

Sharon Dunn, a neighbor, from down the street brought the most delicious, nutritious meal in which she made all herself, Sunday night.  Salmon, potatoes, squash, asparagus, fruit salad medley, green salad.   Alex said I praised it way too much.  He wondered if the meds also made me “emotional”.  Well perhaps, this whole experience has made me “emotional”.  It’s also not easy work for the caregiver.  Joe is super patient but it’s got to be frustrating to have someone so needy for such a long period of time, especially when I was so independent.  My sister, Shelley, came by for a visit and card yesterday.  Her card was really touching.  She deals with a lot of issues and is hesitant to have the BRCA 1 test but she has a daughter in her 20s who could be affected by the gene.  I so encouraged her to have the test done, I hope she’ll take my advise.  Also, had visit from Emily, Ferin and Marcus.  And thanks to Mauritia for darling sandals!  Kathy Cahoon brought by these delicious Trifal parfait fruit cups.  They lifted my spirits!

All went well with plastic surgeon and all my tissue looks great.  So glad about that.  Drains most likely out on Friday.  I am super tired and super bored with my environment, especially my couch.  Oh, my, this may be a long week.

I just finished The Alchemist by Paul Coelho, and he was asked what he wanted on his epitaph to which he repied “Paul Coelho died while he was alive.”  He said “To die alive is to take risks.  To pay your price.  To do something that sometimes scares you but you should do because you may like or you may not like.”



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