Sunday, March 13

Quote of the Day:  “If you’re already walking on thin ice, you might as well dance”.  Gill Atkinson

This might be my favorite quote so far, perhaps it just came on a day I needed it.  My adventurous friend, Sue Oldroyd, has been my push to run marathons, travel to many parts of the world and generally just have a great time (she’s a Yellow and her core motive is FUN), sends me a new quote every day.  I can hardly wait to look at my phone in the morning, hoping for the green light to be blinking!

#1 Step Program from Waking the Warrior Goddess by Christine Horner:

Eat fresh, organically grown fruits and vegetables every day.  Include cruciferous vegetables at least 3 or 4 times a week.  Cruciferous vegetables include cauliflower and broccoli.

Today we had a lesson on the Word of Wisdom, which is basically a plan to live by to have extraordinary health.  It is part of the Doctrine and Covenants and is a guideline for LDS people to live by as they feed and nurture their bodies.  I love how it makes no bones about how the body, spirit, and emotional welfare is all intertwined.  I have always tried to take care of my body because I believe it does house your soul and makes it possible to receive spiritual personal revelation, which we are entitled to.  Even if you don’t believe in the LDS religion, you’ve got to believe that we can all receive revelation or inspiration about our bodies and the direction our lives should take.  With that said, I also realize I could be so much better.  I really need to eat more vegetables and to take refined sugar and white flour out of my diet.  It was hard to listen to some of the lesson because it made me reflect on how unfair that I had cancer, when my next door neighbors have been smoking for probably 50+ years, have lived into their 80s and I’m pretty sure are cancer free.

But enough of that, I get that we don’t know everything and certainly can’t control all things that we are exposed to in the environment.  It will do me no good at all being angry about why this had to happen.  I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving me a body that could run 27 marathons, could get up mornings @ 5:30 to dress and face the cold outside, have the energy to raise 4 active, full-of-life boys, teach school and play tennis and everything else I got to experience in life.

Kathy Peterson’s son, Sam, has gone through a lot of pain and surgeries w/ his arm when it was seriously injured and she made such a good point today, as she always does.  She said it feels like someone has placed a glass cage over you and you just hit against it and you’re limited in the things you can do.  It’s hard to be left out of the things that you were able to do before and know that your heart or head is willing but the body just cannot.  It’s just not possible at this time.  I hope I get to have another time where I can run, play tennis and feel positive about the future.


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One Response to Sunday, March 13

  1. mary daily March 14, 2011 at 3:19 am #

    Joanie- There is no question in my mind that you will be running, biking, and schooling us all at tennis before you know it. I have NEVER seen you not come out conqueror on a challenge. This will be no different. I just put Maggie to bed and she said “Remember, I get to go to my grandma Joanie’s house tomorrow!” She love you more than words will ever express.


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