Sunday, October 30

Quote of the Day:  “Look well into thyself; there is a source which will always spring up if thou wilt always search there.”  Marcus Aurelius

It’s been a week since I have given up sweets and the best part is that I don’t crave them.  I have a huge bag of Halloween candy ready for trick-or-treaters and I’m not really interested in eating its contents, which is good because I was rationalizing that about 10 small bars was equal to one regular sized one. 

Amazing Autumn day today in Salt Lake, about 60 degrees.  A storm will be coming in on Tuesday, November 1, allowing children to enjoy Halloween Night.  I drove up to Ogden today with Nate, Mary and girls to hear Rosemary Wixom, Mary’s mom, speak.  She talked about parents and their great responsibility in raising children.  So glad that she is Maggie’s other Grandma!  So glad that Nate and Mary take parenting very seriously!   Joe and his mom, Irene, are flying back from New Hampshire tonight following his uncle John’s funeral.  Joe was able to spend time with cousins he rarely sees and gather some family history information.

I feel so lucky to be the recipient of such kind deeds.  Carol and John Skeen stopped over with a beautiful box of treats and a note that said “Hope this will be a happy day for you.”  And how could it not after that.  I can be content that other family members are enjoying her amazing treats.

I got this “tender mercy” e-mail from a former Community of Caring student, Mariah Kearsley, this week that said:  Joanie- I miss you!  I keep up on your blog and love to hear how you’re doing!  I saw you were able to go to salvation army yesterday with some students!  That’s awesome! Last weekend, my mom and sister picked me up from BYU Idaho and we went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the weekend.  It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  I know you appreciate the Teton mountains, and String and Jenny lakes like I do!  When we were walking on the 1 mile trial between Jenny Lake and Leigh Lake, and saw a dragonfly on the boardwalk!  I thought of you and took a picture… Again, I am so glad to hear you are doing well and recovering quickly.  You are such an inspiration to me, and I hope one day, I can be as service-minded and have as much mental strength as you do!  Thanks for everything!!

Thanks Mariah for the spirit-lifting picture. So look at the photo and notice the wings of the dragonfly.  Part is torn from just plain living and I thought how that is like my body- how this year has required more of me physically, mentally and emotionally than any other time in my life and how the treatment has left me a bit like the dragonfly- a little tattered and torn- some parts missing and others altered.  So isn’t that the price we pay for the privilege of living?  


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  1. mikelle October 31, 2011 at 5:58 pm #

    way to go with the no sugar plan. glad to hear you are past the cravings. I’ve been doing a high protein, low carb diet that is going really well. The thing I notice the most, I just don’t feel hungry anymore. I’m still eating 3 sqaure meals and all that, but I have no hunger pangs or energy drops. I think it’s cause I’ve stepped off the blood sugar roller coaster and my metabolism is functioning on a more even keel. Ketosis maybe? Not sure, but it feels good and I plan on doing this for the foreseeable future. Take care!

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