Wednesday, November 2

Quote of the Day:  Seize the moment!  Remember all those women of the ‘Titanic’ who waved off the dessert cart.  Erma Bombeck 

That might seem like a funny quote from me since I have given up sweets.  I must tell you that it felt great to wake up on November 1 without having consumed much of the Halloween candy!  It’s pretty amazing how your body really doesn’t crave those sweets if you eliminate them.  But if you love sweets and they make life more enjoyable, go for them!  I read yesterday how eating 70% cocoa chocolate is a cancer fighter so I may have to incorporate just that into my daily routine, but unfortunately, milk chocolate doesn’t have those same properties!  

I signed up for the Ogden marathon today.  I was seriously thinking about doing the half instead but the website was jammed and when I finally got on, it was filled so my decision was made for me.  It will be May 19, 2011, and I have around 200 days to get ready for it.  Joe and family will form a relay team so that we can all be together at the finish line.  So the pressure’s on!  Today, I started running again.  I can’t go very far without walking but luckily my buddy today, Sue B. was willing to do the walk/run.  I saw the ob-gyn and they gave me the go ahead to start up again.  I love a challenge and this will certainly be one.

I appreciate these words from Shelley H.:   “When your treatment is finished, you may feel it’s time to get back to normal. However, this can sometimes be one of the hardest times to cope with. Recovery times vary and no one can say for sure how long it should take to get over the treatment and its effects.  The end of the visits to hospital for treatment can leave you feeling like you’re on your own. Many people find that they feel very low and emotional at this time, when they had expected to be able to put the cancer and the treatment behind them. This may be the time when you need the most support. Support is available if you would like it.  Lynne and I spoke about this very often…I used to tell her that I “felt stuck” if that makes any sense.  She also felt that way …stuck or in some sort of a transition.”

Shelley is one of those “angel” who keep watch over me.  I think Lynne must have sent her my way.  We both have felt such a void with Lynne’s passing and I realize that void can’t be filled.  And I’m not sure I want it to be filled.  I just miss Lynne.  I miss her voice and phone calls, cards and knowing that she was thinking about me.

And then my Taylor, from Guatemala, e-mailed me this:   

“Also mom I want to share with you maybe you could share this in your talk. But today in our district meeting they were talking about fasting. I have always been a mama’s boy. It was so hard for me to leave for the mission.  I thought back when I was in my first days in the MTC you fasted for me. Well I know that helped me so much. I could feel it. You were always there praying for me. That continually helped me. February, when I found out you had cancer, I had the chance to fast for you and have fasted many times after that for you. I remember I fasted for you with my companion Elder Valezquez- that brought us together as companions. But the power of the fast is powerful. I can’t be there right now and haven’t been there during this time. But I know my service here and these fastings have helped you and have helped me be so much better. I am not going to lie, without you having cancer I wouldnt be where I am today. It made me be better. It made me see who I actually could really be and what kind of a servent of the Lord I could be. I still have a long way to go. But just like the 2000 stripling warriors. I know these things because my Mom taught me. The connection I have felt to my Mom out here on the mission through fasting and prayer has been incredible. I love you mom. I am always praying for you.”

I feel so blessed to have Taylor in my camp!

Maggie “The Blue Macaw” and Kate “The Elephant” on Halloween!


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3 Responses to Wednesday, November 2

  1. Pam Hellewell November 3, 2011 at 1:49 pm #

    What a beautiful note from Taylor..brought tears..

    I can relate to the changes to you with cancer…I have changed so much since the loss of my son Jason to suicide. I am not the same person I was before…I am not sure I can be.. I miss the old me at times…I smiled alot more..and could read books and watch movies. It has been 5 years..I am not sure when that will ever get better..


  2. Malissa Rodgers Ryberg November 4, 2011 at 8:56 pm #

    Hello Joanie,

    Hope all is well with you and your family. I loved Taylor’s letter it made me think of Jordan and the wonderful missionaries I know they are.

    I too have been thinking about giving up sugar. You continue to amaze me with your strength.

    Sounds like you are enjoying the beauty of fall.
    Hope to see you soon:)

    Love Malissa

  3. Shelley November 4, 2011 at 8:59 pm #


    I sent this to you via text message, but also wanted to share this with you on your blog as well!

    You are so sweet to call me an angel! I do feel connected to you through Lynne; your vibrant blue eyes reflect the same things as Lynne’ and wonderment and always a sense of magic. Bless you sweetie. Yes, there will always be a void that cannot be filled since Lynne left us. I never wanted to imagine what it would feel like with Lynne gone..and it does hurt more than I ever though that it possibly could. It is a void that can never be filled…but a good friend told me to always remember that the love stays with us….and I do feel that is true.



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