Thursday, June 16

Happy Birthday, Nate!  # 29

Quote of the Day:  “Sometimes I believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”  Alice in Wonderland

Exercise Log:  Jen, Sue O. and I went around the neighborhood and did 4.58 miles (+.02).  We walked up near the Neff’s Canyon Trail- a lot of water was coming down on the road.  I felt good when I got home so I started on yard work.  We have an area in back yard that has some bushes we are clearing.  I worked on roots of bush for a while knowing I would probably pay for it because of body aches with this chemo.  Didn’t really notice anything until later that day.  We are having a bit of a cold spell- I crave the warmth!

I went into the surgeon today to talk about up-coming mastectomy.  I am really impressed with her bed-side manner, in fact, Joe complimented her on it.  She spends a lot of time explaining everything to us and is very helpful.  She is very proactive about tests but for me it is very unnerving thinking about procedures.  She wants me to take a blood test to check my ovaries and an ovarian ultra-sound just to make sure that we can put that surgery on the back burner until later this year.  It really got me worrying about my ovaries.  What if?  One thing, and I know I have stated this before, when you have all this medical stuff happening to you, your worrying level goes sharply up.  You get this panicky feeling about so many situations that you are able to handle just fine when life isn’t so shaky.

I will meet with the plastic surgeon on Monday to confirm exactly what we will be doing with mastectomy.  He will go in right after surgeon to put in spacers and then 3 months after radiation will finish with implants.  Now, for my big decision-  what size?  I just have to say this one thing:  Why me?  I would never have had implants- I liked my body, was happy with it and don’t like foreign things in it!  We are pushing the surgery timeline a little because of Mike and Elle’s wedding.  They worry so much about infection but the surgeon said that if my white blood counts are good we could do the surgery around the middle of July.  I forgot to bring my numbers that they printed off for me when they drew my blood at my last chemo infusion to the visit but when I got home I looked at white blood counts and they were higher than needed for surgery so that was good!  I see it as just another humongous task to check off my list for this year!


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