Thursday, September 29

Quote of the Day:  “Each day is a gift.”  Julie Glenn

Lynne’s obituary (Lynne Patrice Young Starley) is in the Salt Lake papers today so if you get a chance, look at it.  I’m so very glad that we are having a memorial to honor her here in Salt Lake.  She spent so many years here growing up, attending high school and as a family we love the opportunity to vocalize how much we miss her and how much she was loved.  Somehow, it feels less final that she is gone.  I got the courage to listen to her phone message this morning and I loved hearing her voice.  She was always so concerned about me having cancer, and I could hear that in her voice.  

Yesterday,  I played tennis with a group of women and one of them, Julie, said the quote of the day to me and I thought it was so true.  I think we all understand that life is precious but we get so caught up in the busyness of life but when you are in a situation where if feels like you have to fight for your days, it changes your mindset and you do appreciate every day a bit more, you look at each sunrise and sunset with more sacredness and view the changing of the seasons as if you’ve never seen them so magnificent before.  When I was in Oregon and Lynne’s illness and suffering was so much around us, I was filled with fear that this would be my route also and of course, I can’t predict the future, but when a little time passes and it’s not so present, it feels like my old life again and that the cancer is gone.  

So last year, during the first semester of school, I had a group of girls in my Community of Caring class and I liked them immediately.  They were darling girls but very talkative and I had to ask them many time to be quiet.  Nonetheless, they started to do service and it came quite natural to them in that they took to it and loved it.  So the class ended and then when I got sick, I took a leave in March and really didn’t get to see the students for the rest of the year.  But two of these girls were chosen for the C of C board this year and I got a call inviting me to the retreat this year, which I thought was so sweet but couldn’t attend.  But one of the girls, Jessica, wrote me this text that really touched me.  She said:  “Joanie, so I know texts are lame but I hope you find this is written with all sincerity.  We love you.  I know that’s hard to imagine from a group of seniors who have only known you a short while (and some of us aka me were the most talkative disruptions, (I’m sorry) I am, with all the board realizing how much we took you for granted.  I am trying hard to be the example of service to these young sophomores as you were to me.  We won’t let you down and you taught us well…if we have to run the show we will.  You inspired me last year to join PCMC, you have made me service oriented and a better person.  Thank you.  I feel as though cancer has taken yet another thing from me… my last year in HS, on the C of C board working right along side you.  Blast that cancer (haha).  I have found though that cancer as it is always present in my life, makes me stronger.  I thought you would like the quote “the darker the night the brighter the stars.  The harder the trial the closer God is.”  I will thank my Heavenly Father for you always…Somehow I’m not afraid of cancer anymore… ok maybe a little…  

I was so touched by this text and  doesn’t Jes seem wise for her years?  I’m anxious to work with these girls in service.  I don’t want to give cancer the upper hand and let it rob me of any relationships!

View of the mountains on Guardsman’s Pass- September 2011


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