Tuesday, August 20

So I’m going back to teach Service Learning at Skyline.  I haven’t been there since February of 2011 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I made a quick exit.  I understood immediately that the treatment and healing phase of this disease would take all my energy.  I thought my teaching days were over until a day in April of this year when I was at the school finishing up with a program I was volunteering with.  The vice-principal said they didn’t know who they were going to get to teach Community of Caring and I went home and thought about the program falling apart as students slowly lost interest and I decided to ask if they wanted me back.  Now, school starts tomorrow and I have been working to get my room in shape and looking good and I have been spending a lot of time searching for new curriculum which I must admit I really love doing.  I am passionate about learning new things.  I love how it makes my brain grow.  I love how it makes me want to know more and get more out of life.  Today while I was finishing things up feeling pretty good about being able to start the new year, I had this sense of satisfaction and realized that I have been “playing teacher” for a large portion of my life.  Yes, that’s the game I always played when I was little.  We had two old fashioned desks and I would set them up and they would become my classroom.  I would stand in front of them and call roll with the brilliant names I had made up.  Kind of funny, I suppose, since that is really what I love to do.

So I am looking forward, knowing that I will be cramming a lot more into my days but also knowing that I am doing important things and perhaps can influence students for the good through this vehicle of service.  And, one of the best parts is that I am hopeful that I can get my high school students involved with the Tennis & Tutoring program that I will continue to run.  Good stuff!

Mostly, I am so incredibly fortunate to be alive and to be given this chance to really live vibrantly again and to work with amazing people.  I feel so healthy and happy and it really feels in so many ways like a second chance and so I’m grateful that this opportunity has come my way.

My 6 word life phrase looks something like this-  God smiled down upon me, again.

With students in April at the Service Scholar Banquet




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